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New Romney Ad: Mitt Focuses On His “Soul Mate”

Perfect5th Wrote: May 31, 2012 3:13 PM
Hey, stupid, notsobright, you ever been to SLC? You'd be depressed too if you had to live in a place like that... meanwhile, your depression is that concave place in your skull where your brain is supposed to be, you know, they one that is filled with all the nonsense you keep dredging up, where the demons are howling and urging you to greater and greater depths of depravity. Notsobright.

Throughout the 2012 Republican primary Democrats have worked tirelessly to paint Mitt Romney -- through a series of out-of-context snippets and unfair attack ads -- as a privileged bully who doesn’t care about poor people or animals. And to some degree, these distortions have been successful. After all, according to a recent ABC News poll, while voters trust Mitt Romney over President Obama on jobs and the economy; he trails The One in personal favorability by double digits. As a result, the...