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More State Department Cover-up: Shooting of Two Pregnant Women and Two Men

Perfect5th Wrote: Jun 12, 2013 10:21 PM
Mizzzzzzz (think of bee sting, or rattling snake) Clinton, is trading upon her appearance .. that half smile, the 'butter would not melt in my mouth' attitude .. it is very clear by the surrounding scandals and the collective results (nil) of her tenure, that Mizzzzzz Clinton is incompetent, two faced and not very bright, but media is promoting her 'best angle' and writing misleading pap to cover her obvious
Things for the State Department just keep getting worse. First we learned from CBS News that Department official covered up and interfered with inspector general investigations of sexual misconduct, including the soliciation of prostitutes by an ambassador. Then we learned those sexual solicitations involved minors. Now, we're learning State Department officials covered up the shooting of four Hondurans. More from the New York Post:

A top State Department official stymied investigators trying to get to the bottom of four killings in Honduras involving DEA agents and local police...
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