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Democrats Panic as Wisconsin Recall Nears

Perfect5th Wrote: May 22, 2012 5:46 PM
Looney liberals are like spoiled children, and they will do their best to wreck havoc if they are not pandered to .. little kids get defiant and throw fits, yell, scream, say nasty things and cry, trying to make their parents miserable if they don't get what they want ... does this sound like the looney idiots that are screeching for Walker's recall, and the OWS creeps who are acting like demented children? Does this sound like the liberal idiots in the Democratic party, who pander to these spoiled little liberal looneys, and try to use them to create chaos and mayhem in our streets and our society? Liberal Democrats are to humanity, what disease is to the human body.. if they are not eliminated in this world, God will eliminate them.

This is a fight of the sore-loser Left's choosing, remember -- and it's one I've been begging them to pick since day one.  With Wisconsin's reckoning slated for two weeks from today, the recriminations among flustered Democrats are already flying:

The election has taken on significance beyond Wisconsin state politics: Organized labor sees the battle as a major stand against GOP efforts to scale back collective-bargaining rights for public-sector workers, as Mr. Walker did after taking office in 2011. Some Democrats now fear mobilizing Republicans to battle the recall could carry over to help...