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Can't we just take Obumbler into custody, put him in a strait jacket and remove him from office for his stupidity, and for endangering himself and others? This idiot is turning the world upside down and everyone is worried about whether they are being nice and PC or not? Hang Obama.. he is a disaster and he has done enough harm to our country ...put him and his cronies in front of a firing squad ... give them three days to pour out their hearts to god in reprentance and then destroy tham ... this IS what they deserve,.
Can't we take this moron into custody before he does more damage to himself and to our country? We need to rise up and crush this snake OBAMA.
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BREAKING: Eric Holder to Resign

Perfect5th Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 1:46 PM
The rats are leaving the sinking ship ... Holder and the rest of the destroyers who have spent the last 6 years ruining our country thinks he (they) can just slip away .. prosecute this dog and put him in prison for the rest of his life for failing to uphold his oath of office and failing to enforce existing law ... same with Oblather..
How is it that this vacuous airbag keeps spewing wild claims about Romney's intentions, without foundation, and continues to get away with it? Politicians who lie and use hyperbole, attacking their opponents instead of demonstrating a grasp of the issues and problems, and engaging in meaningful dialog should be imprisoned and stripped of their jobs, and denied further involvement in leadership in this country.
Let's wring this rat's neck...
Eric feels sorry for himself.
Blah, blah, blah! That's all Obama does is talk, talk, talk. Like we are satisfied with empty, agenda driven rhetoric. He and his lawbreaking liberal administration are mad with power and trying desperately to overthrow our Constitution and seize ultimate power, and dictate to us. Obama and his corrupt administration lie to our faces and disrespect us at every turn, mocking those who disagree with them, instead of fulfilling their oath of office. Holder is Obama's pit bull and Obama is fiddling while America burns, corrupt and rotten, just like Nero.
Israel should stomp the life out of these aggressors ... just let fly.... and bulldoze the rubble.
We need men like Rick Perry ... he's lucid, intelligent and fair. This woman and her supporters are what is wrong with the United States ...
Should be open season on all terrorists ... shoot to kill and no repercussions .. these people are rabid animals ... why wait for them to cause more mayhem? Does any thinking person believe there is any civil justice to be had? These animals do not care about anyone .. they are murderers ... no mercy ... put them down.... now!!!!!!!!!!
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