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Stop Obama! That's the mandate given to the Conservatives by voters, America would rather have a government shutdown than have Obama pull his lawless rip off. If John Boehner is to much of a wimp, kick him out ... stop this lying, lawless alien from destroying our country ... NOW!
Exactly. Its time responsible citizens cut off businesses who do not gather with us .. we wont' burn their businesses down, but they will die none the less. These miscreants think they can buck the majority? Cut off their funds and they will quickly change their tune. Wise up people, do not have anything to do with those businesses who empower our enemies.
Defund, defund, defund, defund, defund...
Racist punk with a badge, another black criminal.
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10 Things to Know for Today

Perfect5th Wrote: Nov 25, 2014 2:39 PM
Talk about racist punks with a badge, Holder is a sick dog.
Holder and Obama 'the administration' .. are disappointed because they wanted this to go another way, they wanted a charge so they could use it to justify the black on white hate .. they want to get that going and this was a big disappointment to them.. They didn't want to have an advance plan, they wanted to have a bloody riot, and they will continue to attempt to create this type of civil unrest at every opportunity. They are not just progressives, they are criminals.
This law is a crime perpetrated against the people by the Obama administration. It does not qualify to be considered a law - it is the result of a crime. So it should be struck down in its entirety .. if I lie to someone and trick them and it can be proven, is any court going to uphold my case? No! Throw it out. All this garbage about Obamacare being a "law" and "now its the law of the land, and people have to accept it" is BS ... The American people do not have to accept crimes perpetrated against them by elected officials ... Obama and the rest of those democrats who shoved this down America's throat must be brought up on charges, based upon all the money they have squandered, all the lies, and all the destruction they have caused, they should all be given life sentences, never to see freedom again, maybe then they will appreciate it.
Yeah Chuck you believe in it ... schmuck!
When the prevaricator in chief says "America's God given bounty", he must mean "allah", which leads the prevaricator to think it is ok to subvert a Christian nation to turn the 'bounty' (should be read BOOTY) over to Muslims.. whom his god allah meant it for. I'm finding it difficult to love this person Lord, please help me to maintain a proper respect for you and your judgment, the shadow of which falls upon us all, as I try to come to grips with this corrupt and wicked administration and its key players.
Ok, now lets have some retribution against those looters who have destroyed legitimate businesses, breaking in, smashing, burning and looting ... this is mayhem and the participants should be brought to justice, just like they "say" they want justice. Let's all get some justice here.
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