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Newt Gets NYT's Friedman To Admit He's An Abortion Extremist: "I'm A Planned Parenthood Democrat" But "I'm Here As A Journalist"

perdin Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 6:13 AM
Bill Clinton US-Traitor for China ! 1997-98 - Under the "False-Premise" of China needing advanced US satellite launching technology "Only" to launch US Tele-Com-Co's satellites at greatly reduced $-Costs-$. Co's which just happened to be owned by some of the Dem's, Clinton's biggest Dem-Lobbyists-$-campaign-$-donors ! B-C went out of his way to give Com-China alot of Classified Top Secret US-Military Satellite-Missile-Launching-Super-Computer-Technology. That the Chinese Military was way-way behind the USA in those fields ! "B-C's Exec-Orders" transferred all of that Info from the US-Defense-Dept over to the US-Commerce Dept, so that it could then be legally-transferred over to China ! After which the Chinese military promptly put all
perdin Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 6:13 AM
to "Military" and Cmrcl use, advancing their military-super-computer-satellite-missile-launching-prgrms by 10-more-yrs !

We should all try getting that true story from 1997-2001 back into the news, it could help to further show how allied the libs-Dems are to Communist countries !

US-Traitor Chinese-spy-Bill-Clinton's anti-American Traitorous-Treasonous Record Breaking Illegal-Alien Amnesties:

1994 - Sec-245-i, temp-rolling, 578,000 ilgl-alns
1997 - S-245-i, Ext-1994, 100's-1000's ilgl-alns
1997 - Nicaraguan Adj C-Amer Relief Act, 1-mln ilgl-alns
1998 - Haitian Refugee Imgrtn Fairness Act, 125,000 ilgl-alns
2000 - Late Amnsty, 400,000 ilgl-alns
2000 - Life Amnsty, S-245-i-rolling, 900,000 ilgl-alns

Laws-rules in bills never enforced !
perdin Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 6:13 AM
With Romney,

DeMint, Rand Paul, S-King, Sessions, M-Lee, Walker, West, Barletta, Kobach, Arpaio, Cruz, Brewer, Bachmann, Martinez, Palin,

more like them will have US Govt influence.

O'bama is the sworn political enemy of those TP-Cons-pols,

M-R must get along with all of them, B-H-O absolutely will not !

The #1 priority is getting O'bama out,

Wake up the Ind-women voters to reject the Traitorous-Treasonous O'bamination !

Vote for pro-US-American mod-Cons Romney - Ryan !

This is our last chance to stop,



ACLU-ACORN-MoveOn-SEIU, NAACP-NBPP, LaRaza-Lulac-MEChA-Aztlan, Mexicanification of US-America !

NEWT: "If Republicans communicate the Democrat Party plank on abortion, Republicans actually win that fight."