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No Time to Give Up in the Fiscal Fight

pepnm Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 3:39 AM
When are Republicans gonna fight the 'good fight'? When one of Obama's networks, like ABC, interviews Republicans, they pick a subject that has no bearing on current events, Benghazi or high unemployment or voter fraud, When in the hell are they going to learn to 'fight the good fight'? Bring the events UP, and keep bringing them up consistently.....loud and CLEAR.
Ralph178 Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 3:02 PM
Wasn't the 2012 campaign the "good fight?"
This bunch (the dolts who voted for "Hope and Change" and THEN fell for "Forward") need buckets of cold water on them. It may take decades of pain and suffering. The true conservatives (maybe 1/4 of the GOP) need to constantly and consistantly repeat the age old plan of building wealth and prosperity all while Rome burns. This is NOT going to be easy or quick or painless. Eventually American will heal itself.

If I keep reading the advice of those who are saying we should give Barack Obama what he wants, let him take the American economy into the quicksand and make him own it, I am going to be tempted to agree.

So I’m going to stop reading such things.

With respect to those who offer that strategy, it is flawed on multiple levels. It may not work, it would confuse people about what conservatism is and what it does, and it would slam the brakes on our most valuable passion right now-- the desire to save what we can...