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Obama's campaign-mngr David Axelrod's Comunist and Comnst-Inspired Mentors D-A, Chicago-based political operative has long been rumored to be a "RDB" brought up from childhood by Comunist parents, mentors. D-A the man who guides Obama was mentored by David Canter, the Soviet educated son of overt Amer-Comunists, who was himself deemed a Soviet agent by the Dem-controld-Congress of the 60s. D-A's 1970s work at the Hyde Park Herald, Chicago, caught the attention of ownrs leftist-Don-Rose, Com-D-C, they began mentoring him. These were the men who forged D-A. He got his start as a big-time reporter for the Chicago Tribune on the recomendation of Don Rose. D-A's mother worked for the Comunist infiltrated NY-PM-Newspr. D-A had veered within
-mr-yrs as well ! Jan-1-2001 - News leads off with videos of China's newest-latest-advanced-missiles-test-launching successfully, not failing as they had done so many-x-before, thanks to Bill Clinton ! /0041.htm /players/chung.htm /stories/cf052098b.htm /liu052498 /cf051698 /cf030697 /cf030698.htm Clinton's Chinese Missiles Pres Clinton's China-Tech-Transfers Get this all out Now about Pres Bill-Hill-Clinton selling the US out to Com-China from 2003-2001 !
-$725-billion, -$300-billion-w/China, "$440-billion was spent on oil-imports !" The 2012-#'s will be around the same, The Obama Admin has had 4-yrs, but they added 6-Trln-$$ to the National Debt, Why reward them with another 4-yrs ! 1993-2001 Report on Pres Bill Clinton: Status Of US Intel, Export Control, Satellite-Missile-Launching-Super-Computer-Technology-Tranfers, with objections from Sec-St Warren Christopher, From the US-State-Dept over to Ron Browns Comerc-Dept in 1996, for subsequent easier final transfer over to Communist China Supposedly for "Comercl-use-Only" But obviously ending up being used by China for "Developing-Advancing" its "long-beleagured-lagging-highly-failure-prone-plagued" high-tech-military-programs, by-10
H-Clinton-St-Dept: Deputy-Ast-Sec-Craft: In charge of "US-Foreign "Trade" Policy-Programs,". T-Geithner-Trs-Dept: "Advising" on domestic and "international" financial, monetary, economic, "Trade" and tax policy. Fiscal pollcy being the sum of these and ultimate responsibility of Congress. H-Clinton and T-Geithner work together and are in charge of negotiating US-China-Trade Policy, US-China Strategic Economic Dialogue, A forum-mechanism under which the 2 countries address global areas of immediate--long-term strategic-economic-%. In 2009 the SED was expanded to give US St-Dept, H-Clinton a bigger role by the Obama admin. 2011 US-Foreign Trade Deficit "Goods-Products-"Oil." Imports: $2-trillion-207-bln Exports: $1-trillion-481-bln
appointed anti-nuclear activist Hazel O'Leary to head the Dept of Energy. O'Leary set to work "leveling the playing field," as she put it, by giving away our nuclear secrets. She declassified 11-mln-pgs of data on US nuclear weapons, loosened up security at weapons labs. Fed-investigators: Under Clinton’s open-door policy, China made off with the "crown jewels" of US nuclear weapons research, W/design specs for suitcase nukes. Meanwhile, Clinton and his Corp-cronies raked in $-mlns. In "The China Threat," Wash-Times Bill Gertz describes how the system worked. Defense contractors eager to sell tech to China poured $-mlns into Clinton's campaign. In return, B-C called off the dogs. Janet Reno, other counterintel officials stood down !
soil, for just such contingencies. In 1997, Clinton allowed China to take over the Panama Canal. The Chinese Co Hutchison Whampoa leased the ports of Cristobal and Balboa, on the E-W openings of the canal, thus controlling access both ways. A public outcry stopped Clinton in 1998 from leasing CA's Long Beach Naval Yard to the Chinese firm COSCO. Even so, China can now strike US targets easily from its bases in Panama, Vancouver, Bahamas. How'd the Chinese catch up so fast ? Easy. Bill Clinton sold them all the technology they needed, or handed it over for free. As a globalist, Clinton promotes "multipolarity," the doctrine that no country, such as the USA should be allowed to gain decisive advantage over others. To this end, Clinton
China Gate Candidate Hillary Clinton When Bill Clinton took office in 1993 China presented no threat to the USA: Chinese missiles "couldn’t hit the side of a barn," notes Tim Maier of Insight mag. Few could reach N-Amer, those that made it would likely miss their targets. Thanks to Bill Clinton, China can now hit any city in the USA, using state-of-the-art solid-fueled missiles with dead-accurate, computerized guidance systems, multiple warheads. China has suitcase nukes as well, enabling China to strike by proxy, equipping nuclear-armed terrorists to do its dirty work while the Chinese play innocent. Intel sources: China maintains secret stockpiles of chemical, biological, nuclear weapons on US
Why are you such a Communist ?
Hacky Jerk, Communist-Moron, The article is on the Clinton's, All of my comments here are on the Clinton's !
-Super-Computer-Technology-Tranfers, with objections from Sec-St Warren Christopher, From the US-State-Dept over to Ron Browns Comerc-Dept in 1996, for a subsequent easier final transfer over to Com-China, supposedly for "Comercl-use-Only," But obviously ending up being used by China for advancing-developing its lagging high-tech-military-progrms by 10-more-years as well ! NY Times - 10-19-98 - According to a 1995 Comerc-Dept-doc, Pres Clinton "made clear" in private-conversations he had with Comrc Sec Ron Brown, that "he doesn't believe we've done enough to streamline, liberalize." The doc mapped out how R-Brown should lobby high-level Clinton-admin-officials to "Ease-Shift-Controls on Super-Computer exports !"
over to the US-Commerce-Dept, so that it could then be much-more-easily-legally-transferred over to China ! After which the Chinese military promptly put all of it to "Military" and Commercial use, advancing their own military-super-computer-satellite-missile-launching-programs by 10-more-yrs ! We should all try getting this true story from 1993-2001 back into the news, it could help to further show how allied the The-Clintons-libs-Dems are to Communist countries ! President Clinton's China-Technology-Transfers Clinton and Chinese Missiles 1993-2001 Report on Pres Bill Clinton: Status Of US Intel, Export Control, Satellite-Missile-Launching
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