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The Reason for the Kindler, Gentler Romney

Pennsylvania Voter Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 9:45 AM
Well played by Gov. Romney. Mitt was calm, cool and presidential. He totally outmaneuvered President Obama, who was swinging at air all night and filling the air with meaningless words and a failed record both domestically and abroad. Romney/Ryan 2012

Dropping the little people off at school today, I was approached by several of the Republican moms -- intelligent, interesting, accomplished women all -- who expressed worry that Romney had perhaps "lost" the debate by holding off on obvious critiques of the failed Obama record on foreign policy.

For any other intelligent, interesting, accomplished people out there who share that concern, I'll just say it straight out: Don't worry. Romney handled the debate absolutely correctly.  I share the sentiments of those who would have liked to see him absolutely hammer Obama on the manifold policy failures of this administration -- from...