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The lefties are really scared of this guy! They should be.
Libs are not qualified to teach our children just as they are not qualified to govern. There is so much more to math than learning the math computational tables. The basic facts of + - X and / should be memorized to be used as building blocks for higher applied mathematics. If kids are allowed to get these basic facts wrong their entire mathematics capability is undermined. The bank is not going to let them make checkbook errors and get away with it.
The lefties want to rob from law abiding citizens and give it to their low info voters. The lefties don't want us defending ourselves with deadly force, they might get shot as they reach for our wallets.
Any politician who supports abortion is unfit to serve in any capacity.
Note to the liberal race baiters: this is how normal people handle a misunderstanding.
Congressional action is one possibility after the 2014 election. The second possibility is for this den of liars and thieves to turn on each other as some are thrown under the bus to save others. This much evil cannot keep from self destructing its inevitable.
As the truth noose tightens around the White House its poetic justice to see Carney choke on his own words. This is the typical Alinsky defense of the left. When you can't directly attack the facts, attack the integrity of the fact finders. And their behavior is indeed outrageous and treasonous.
Hey Austin YMCA, you bunch of spineless cowards, if you can't keep your word, and are afraid to step on a few pro-death leftist toes, then remove the word Christian from your title. You should have told the pro-death wackos to mind their own business.
You pathetic excuse of a human, human life begins at conception and has the right to live. There is nothing to compromise, there is no compromise with your murderous insanity.
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