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This is typical fascist behavior when their ideology is criticized. This is the same type of thinking that the Nazi party used to justify the killing of millions of innocent people. No, the dangerous people are the administrators of Allegheny College who threaten innocent unborn life and those that protect it. Maybe if Allegheny College taught the history of WWII correctly then these college educated administrators would know better. They should be fired by the Allegheny College board of trustees for incompetence. That would be the right thing to do.
I think to get maximum exposure. President Obama's speeches and records, should be spread all over the farmland of the midwest. Here is a handy website. http://www.epa.gov/oecaagct/ag101/porkmanure.html This would save on bricks and mortar and support recycling!
Landslide losses for the dimmies are unavoidable. Even with the MSM shilling for them the anger over this leftist government power grab and its obvious attack on the middle-class will not be ignored.
Yeah, I know, I live in a state where stupidity abounds. PA residents are so dense that they let the anti business state taxes, the DER (PA's version of EPA) and unions drive out most of the manufacturing industry. Then they cry that they can't live off of a McDonalds job. Duh. Generation after generation here vote dimmie and they don't even know why. Then they complain about no jobs and how their children must flee to other states to make a living. PA is a beautiful state with a lot of dumb voters and corrupt lefty politicians.
Excellent observation and I agree. Large and reliable software systems take a solid architecture, good requirements, and tons of testing. There is no way around the fact that this site will not be ready for prime time anytime soon.
Any experienced software developer knows that adding more management oversight and resources to a poorly-defined late project just makes the project more expensive and later. Now the "administration"says everything will be fine by the end of November? It's not going to happen. They don't have the talent to pull this off.
Hey Kathy, this isn't Kansas anymore. This is the big time and since you obviously have no other skills other than your gender and party, I suggest that you do everyone a favor and resign. On the other hand you are the perfect front person for Obamacare, inept and arrogant.
Nancy Pelosi is the net result of an affirmative action policy that lets incompetent and greedy people from a particular group hold positions that they are unqualified to hold based on objective criteria such as honesty, trust, service and self sacrifice. Of course to maintain this deception, the left and their media must to give them undeserved and unearned accolades. Every child gets a trophy, we wouldn't want Ms Pelosi to feel bad.....
In God we trust, lefties need to present objective data if they wish to continue governing. Oh it doesn't match their narrative? That must be really sad for them.
All life is given by God. How DARE these murderous vile feminists suggest that these lives are undeserving to live. Perhaps God has sent Downs Syndrome children to allow His children to show His love to a fallen world. I thank God for you, Michelle. To those counselors that give this type of advice, there is still time to repent from trying to play God.
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