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5 Possible Picks for Director of the CIA

Pennsylvania Voter Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 2:38 PM
Election over, General Petraeus under the bus. Do you think the head of the CIA might know something about President Empty Chair that the zero wants kept hidden? The intelligence community knows a lot about what President Empty Chair has been doing and perhaps General Petraeus was about to make his move. This sounds like General Petraeus was played as a fool then betrayed by his CIC,
aeffchen Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 4:17 PM
The most likely scenario is that the White House knew about the affair and blackmailed Petraeus into blaming the Benghazi attack on a video when he had evidence to the contrary from drone-transmitted videos. With the upcoming congressional hearings into Benghazi, Petraeus might have decided to eliminate further blackmail attempts by resigning. Mind-boggling, that the president knows nothing about nothing, be it Petraeus, Benghazi or Fast & Furious. If he could, he'd blame it on Bush ...

With the Director of the CIA, General David Petraeus, stepping down yesterday after admitting to an extra-marital affair, it is time for the Obama administration to look for a new director. What we know for sure, is that whoever the President chooses to take this post must be prepared to come into the office amid a scandal on Capitol Hill over the Benghazi attacks in September.

It is possible that President Obama could go with someone who has no CIA experience, like he did with Leon Panetta. But here is a list of possible picks for Obama to look at.