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Poll: 53 Percent of Democrats Hold Favorable View of Socialism

Pennsylvania Voter Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 5:15 PM
Democrats use code words like fairness and revenue to hid their true intent of slavery and tyranny for their political gain. Freedom and Liberty is their avowed enemy because it removes what they so crave which is the lust for power. Their lust will be their undoing.

Whenever conservatives bring up the s-word in political discourse, indignant liberals recoil at the term.  How dare you call us Socialists?  Fine.  Let's make a deal.  We'll abide by a self-imposed cease and desist order on the socialism label just as soon as you guys explain this to the rest of us (see the final line item):

Capitalism -- the system that built America into the unparalleled economic engine and global hegemon that it is today -- is statistically tied with Socialism among Democrats, on the...