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Demography Is Destiny

pejones Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 9:28 AM
The average American voter (those other than the hard-core Socialists) are in denial of circumstances because they don't want to be made uncomfortable by reality. Republicans probably did frighten them, with the facts of where the economy is and where it is going; so, they re-elected Obama, who, absolutely, will tell them that everything is great and getting better.
Apparently, if higher taxes are discussed intensely and with bi-partisan resolve, their substantial increase will lead to increased production and all problems will be solved. Likewise, the regulatory swamp only needs to be discussed and greater understanding developed of its great value to the economic recovery that is about to unfold via the creative department of the BLS. Let's see--I am going to invest more in--what? And expect to earn less--because the economy is weak and I want to pay more taxes? So more bureaucrats can agitate and interfere? So the Left-leaning government can experiment with greater government influence and control? I guess I will just "eat my peas", learn the benefits of being taught to be "fair", and go fishing.
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Nice Losers

pejones Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 10:25 AM
Assuming that a different candidate, or a different approach could have won for a Republican candidate is ignoring the reality that the voters no longer know or care if the US declines or falls into disaster. Weakness prefers dishonesty over hard truths. Don't blame Romney, or even Obama, it is feckless American voters who are ruining the nation.
Yes. And, morally deficient.
Possibly, when "the rank-and-file little guys" find that the governement can't be their mommy and daddy, and there are no more evil rich to tax, they will look somewhere else for survival and find that self-reliance really was the answer, like we said.
Intelligent discussions of what should be are comforting to those who still think and have remnants of integrity remaining. But, when you are riding in the lower deck of the ship of fools, you can only hope there are no icebergs nearby. I, for one, prefer disaster sooner than later, so that the period of decline is shorter.
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The Single Reason Romney Lost

pejones Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 9:01 AM
When integrity recedes, evil advances. Honesty is the firewall to evil. Our firewall is down, probably gone. Americans of traditional values cannot win elections from voters who have no knowledge of traditional values. Over half of the American people are now weak and uninformed of the basic principles of successful society. Their economy is in the government. Their freedom is in having no responsibility. Disaster lies ahead.
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Government Lite or Government Big Gulp

pejones Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 10:57 AM
Now that it is clear that we have passed the tipping point, in which there are more takers than producers, the question that we should be considering is how long it takes to reach the collapse and the start to rebuild. I think that is important because there is no way other than economic disaster to change the minds of committed government dependents.
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Don't Blame Romney

pejones Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 10:52 AM
Republicans are going to have to learn how to lie as convincingly as the Leftists. It is expected, appreciated, and effective, and not doing it causes them to fail to be able to communicate with the modern voters who see lying as a talent. The abortion issue should be scrubbed from the Republican platform and no mention of it allowed. If a candidate asked a question regarding abortion, they should mumble and talk about their achievements over the past few years (works for Obama), and then assault the Leftists with whatever comes to mind, no need to be true, just throw it out (it works). We are about to find out if the US is indestructible over the next 4 years. If we reach 2016 as a sovereign nation, then we are indestructible.
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It All Comes Down to You

pejones Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 12:21 PM
There are 2 kinds of people who vote for Obama--committed Leftists and others who don't know better, which are you?
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