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USPS: Where The Customer Is Always Last

peezie Wrote: Sep 22, 2014 10:16 AM
The Tea Party? Makes no sense. What I see happening is USPS dropping by the wayside or, more likely, smart private carriers like UPS and FedEx picking up the slack. Although UPS has its issues, any private entity has more to lose with actual competition. I'm happy auto-paying bills (haven't mailed an actual check in can't remember how long) and driving to a FedEx or UPS store to handle important shipments. As with anything though, it's not the entity so much as the individuals working there. I have a great delivery driver (Asian, broken English, courteous and motivated unlike the typical union sloth) and my local dropoffs aren't too bad.
Uh, well, the fathers are usually the breadwinners, but as we all know they don't usually make these types of decisions or defer the choice to the mother. So it's hard to say that some oversized-sunglasses toting mommy on her third glass of wine by 10am is making the wise decision here.
I think mostly it's because good people care about kids in general, not just their own. Stupid parenting habits should be shamed whenever possible.
This is a wealthy first-world phenomenon. You have the perfect storm of not having other problems, and mommies reading Jenny McCarthy articles terrifying her audience. Humans have this interesting tendency to create problems in order to have something to fix, or alleviate boredom. This is another example.
Just toss him in jail as a suspected terrorist accomplice. I would if I were in office. I'm absolutely done with these fuques hiding behind free speech, as if the lineage of their people over the centuries has done anything but to halt that type of thing.
860137 nails it. Part of the frustration conservatives have is that the left is in any way swayed by logic or anything that deviates from their stated goals. It simply won't happen. Just as appeasing terrorists only emboldens them, arguing with leftists only gins them up further, rather than them looking at anything said as a learning point. Rags like Cosmo know exactly who they're aiming at, and why. Although their points are dishonest and insipid, they aren't stupid. Knowing who your demographic target is is publication 101, and they do indeed know.
Love it when liberals who have never cracked a Bible try to drop this crud on everyone else. No different than Satan quoting verses in an attempt to sway Jesus on the mountaintop. No difference at all. Donations and charity are what God calls us to do -- NOT to submit to tax collectors so they can steal your hard-earned to distribute in whatever manner they deem will garner the most votes for Democrats.
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Bernie Sanders 2016?

peezie Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 7:42 AM
To take that to its literal conclusion, children don't have the "right" to be taken care of per se -- only that the chance to live is extended. It's simply a social norm to take care of kids and of course I would never assert that they should foot it on their own once delivered. But this is how liberals conflate things -- one obvious "right" i.e. rearing of children for their sake -- becomes the "right" to health care, right to housing etc. It deliberately conflates the obvious with whatever programs they wish to push forward to deliver votes. Ironically, the actual right -- life -- is routinely ignored as abortions run rampant.
Might be true, but it's also irrelevant. Fact is, regardless of the ethnicities of illegals pouring over the border, it's about the fact that we don't know who these people are. The "what" they are is secondary. Of course, Dems like this self-loathing Jew are into demonizing anyone standing in the way of their plan to purchase minority votes -- which is funny, given their KKK backgrounds.
It's not only been confirmed, but was less in doubt than the original Ferguson accounts.
Actually most leftist don't care about morality and fair dealings. They're concerned with destruction of the nation as it was intended, and will fight unceasingly for generations to make it so. This is what Marxists do. It's time for the GOP and true conservatives to call them what they are and stop pusyfooting around.
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