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Barack Obama’s War on Free Speech

Peddler44 Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 3:30 PM
When I read Obama's kinda-sorta biography, "Dreams from my Father", what he is doing now does not come as a surprise, if anything, it amazes me that he has taken so long to do everything he can to destroy the Constitution. The same Constitution he truly believes is a hindrance instead of a guide for freedoms in America. If he could, all state rule would be voided and subjugated to the will of the federal government in-toto. States and all local governments at any level would have to adhere to strict guidelines he and his Alinsky compatriots would impose on every citizen of this country. When he talks about freedom, he is not referring to the few freedoms you and I try to enjoy, he is referring to the freedom he wants so he can impose his ideas and will on everyone else. To Obama, we are nothing more than an irritant and standing in the way to the ends he seeks. If Republicans do not stop the infighting and start to form a cohesive, offensive coalition, and retake the senate, the damage Obama can do over the next 3 years cannot be repaired. Obamacare is here, like it or not and the only way it can be fixed is to jack it up and do an overhaul. But, without a Republican victory in 2014 and 2016, there will be no jacks and the lemon will continue to clunk along, wasting billions and billions and still, not everyone will be covered. Wake up conservatives and remember, Democrats never, ever turn on their own.
Try Switzerland. They have introduced and are likely to pass a law that requires payment to everyone over a certain age a guaranteed income for life so that the income inequality will be a thing of the past. The problem is, once it is passed there, you can bet a Democrat will introduce a similar bill here and depending on who is in control of congress, it just may pass. Count on the minimum wage being increased to at least $12.50 per hour since Obama wants $15, he will offer and accept a compromise from the Republican sheep in congress.
One thing we cannot depend on and that is Democrats abandoning Obama and crossing over to vote Republican. They are too deeply rooted in the Democrat message and even with the disaster called Obamacare, they will not depart from party lines. As long as the low information voter is the primary source of votes for the Democrat Party, even the increased costs for them won't matter. Then, the spin that ACA is actually something to free us from the bonds of an employer because of health insurance will have a positive influence on Democrat supporters because that is what they truly believe. Republicans may pick up seat or two in the Senate but after the elections, Democrats will still control the Senate and White House until 2016 - count on it.
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The Orphaned Middle Class

Peddler44 Wrote: Dec 26, 2013 1:13 PM
An earlier poster made an intelligent observation and comment. The different classes in America are an ever changing landscape, dependent upon the current financial condition of the country and economy. What would be considered middle class in 2006 is now upper middle class due to the financial collapse in 2007 and 2008. What was considered middle class to lower middle class in 2006 now meets the lower income - poverty - class and this class makes up one of the largest voting blocs. This is the bloc along with the upper income class that Obama and Democrats are courting so hard. The true middle class is slowing fading from existence. Once it has disappeared, the face of America will be changed forever and the divide between the haves and have nots will be even greater. The 1%, Democrats and Republicans, will not care one iota and if anything, they will continue to encourage the death of the middle class, hoping it will no be revived. Then, America will return to the historical fact that no matter what type or form of government one lives under, there will ALWAYS be the 1% who will live better, have more, be healthier, and most importantly, be in control. Inevitable.
The cost for drugs, doctor's visits, and insurance premiums have been going up in higher than usual increments since ACA was introduced AFTER Obama secured the cooperation of the pharmaceutical and insurance companies to help pass ACA and foist off on the public one lie after another. The liberals and Democrats actually believed the completely ignorant statement by Pelosi when she said the bill had to be passed so we could find out what was in it. No one will disagree that health care access needed to be improved but not with the draconian rules and regulations contained in the ACA that are just now being brought to everyone's attention. Too bad so many had their heads buried in the sand in 2012 and voted for the teleprompter candidate once again.
Maybe if you spent time out from under the bridge troll you might understand more than talking points given to you by the Obama team. But, trolls generally are not intelligent enough to do anything but swallow, regurgitate, swallow, regurgitate, ad infinitum, ad nauseum what they are instructed to say.
Sorry for the spelling - should be "raison d'etre".
Appointing incompetent people to positions that have direct influence on everyone is the reason d'etre for this administration. When the communists took over Russia, instead of using experienced people with actual knowledge of how systems worked, the ruling party appointed any activist they thought would toe the party line and enforce it against their enemies. Obama is more than capable of doing the same thing. To even think Maxine Waters could handle the position is totally obscene and exceedingly dangerous to the financial system on America, not that it is such good shape now due to the current administration's policies. Shudder, hurl, repeat at the thought.
I don't agree with the 2.3% tax but lets face reality here. If a physician or hospital is going to spend $10,000 on a piece of medical equipment, why should an additional $230 make a difference? Quick answer - it won't. Unless a company is losing money already, the 2.3% tax added to the sales cost of the equipment will not stop investment by doctors or hospitals. When you stop to think about it for a moment, how many medical equipment manufacturer's are going to go out of business over a 2.3% sales tax? Think for a moment about the profit a doctor or hospital makes off of a new piece of equipment and do you think for one moment they will not invest because of few hundred dollars? Another Democrat dog and pony show.
jsullivan 154, Are you really so stupid as to think the people who take time to post comments on this article ACTUALLY have large stock profits or huge amounts of cash stashed away in the Caymans? Most likely the people who comment are working people who have to struggle to make ends meet and object to watching their tax dollars go to people who abuse the system. I know I most certainly do not have a "stock portfolio" for retirement nor do I have any cash "stashed" away in the Caymans. Just who the hell are you anyway? Kreskin the Mindreader? Apparently you are able to deduce from a comment what another person is worth and who is and who is not part of the problem. Must be nice in your parent's basement.
Like a child denying he or she has been eating the chocolate cake when the chocolate frosting is smeared all over their face is the same way Obama has behaved since day 1 after he won the election in 2008, even before being sworn in. His serial lying has been overlooked by the press the same way parents will overlook the outrageous behavior of a spoiled, lying, and petulant child and find every excuse under the sun to explain away or defend their bad behavior. His aunts and uncles, i.e., Hollywood, will do the same as the parents and all who see him think he is absolutely grand but underneath and behind the scenes, the little angel is a total horror. The only problem, is it too late for America?
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