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GOP’s Worst Nightmare: Electoral Stalemate, Constitutional Crisis

PecosPete.38 Wrote: May 23, 2012 10:09 AM
wmou wrote that he doesn't want to be controlled by the people in LA, NYC, CHI, & ATLANTA. That is such an important point that I wanted to put it up again. Especially when so many of those people think the Constitution is quaint, small town & rural people are stupid, the American work ethic is for dummies, guns for home defense are bad, religion is for the gullible & the duped, & rich people are bad unless it happens to be them.

This column originally appeared in THE DAILY BEAST.

In looking ahead toward the November election, Republican strategists should take proactive steps to avoid a damaging, dangerous conclusion to the presidential race and to prevent the very real chance that Mitt Romney will win the Electoral College even while losing the popular vote badly to Barack Obama.

The problem stems from the lopsided margins President Obama will surely pile up in a few uncontested states with big populations, including California, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts. Mr. Romney, meanwhile, will prevail by comparable margins in only relatively small states: Utah, Idaho,...