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Young Americans: Vote Obama for a Future of Bankruptcy

peaceman Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 5:54 AM
Naivete is an affliction of a young mind and Celia, the author, is plagued by it. Obama won because enough people realized that being 'carpet bombed' with distorted ads do not make facts be other than what they are. Obama's proposals for jobs were shot down by the R's continuous abuse of the filibuster but the R-followers don't want to see the dark side of their heroes but rather embrace the 'talking-points' spewed from their darling pundits, aka Faux News etc. What you're about to witness is an upsurge in the economy over the next 2 years and all the nay-saying will be viewed as the BS it's always been...

As young Americans head to the polls tomorrow they should remember one thing: A vote for Obama is a vote for a bankrupt future.

President Obama has successfully made it through the election season without being pressed on the single biggest issue facing the future of America: the rapidly growing national debt. Young Americans have taken the brunt of the Obama economy, and it is their decision tomorrow whether or not we will head down the same path or one of fiscal responsibility.

President Obama has spent more money than all the Presidents from Washington to Clinton combined. The...