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Why It’s Important to Remember World War Two

peaceman Wrote: Jun 12, 2012 5:34 AM
JustMCMC & John 1921...basically this is an issue of common sense vs outmoded rigid thinking which the 'right' is suffering from; the Dems have their issues but not at the same intensity. Re voting and maturity to vote. That's an extremely relative dynamic and so many in this country sometimes act like they can't tie their shoes. Most people are woefully uneducated about the Constitution and basic economics, and still think commercials tell the truth (same issue for believing outright popular pundits like FoxNews). There's been a lack of maturity on both sides of the party line, so let's keep it balanced here...

A couple of years ago, I got involved with the National World War Two Museum in New Orleans. Like any endeavor someone chooses to make time for, I did it for a variety of reasons. As I have waded deeper into the museum, I learn more and more. Whether you like it or not, World War Two has cast an indelible shadow onto your life. The war ended in 1945. But the effects of the war are still with us.

The generation that fought the war is leaving us through attrition. They are all in their eighties and nineties...

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