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Gay Marriage Will Make Mother’s Day Quite Perplexing

peaceman Wrote: May 15, 2012 6:42 AM per usual, a response with no substance. You answered to no points made so not a real participant, just a 'right-wing' lemming, but then I shouldn't expect so much from those who have not had the advantage of education or suffer mental apologies...Actually, there are fair number of people on the 'right' who would disagree with you...only small minded bigots and hateful people make statements they you and your 'friends' do...sandbox thinking

I think I speak for most heterosexual males when I say I’m not homophobic but chick-o-centric. Let’s keep it positive, okay? It’s not that we dislike gays … it’s just that we really like girls. It seems no matter how long we spend in PC rehab compliantly undergoing the most stringent psychotherapy to rid ourselves of our knee-jerk to your mate choice, the simple fact is that heterosexual guys don’t “get” gays.

Heck, we don’t understand women. What makes you think we’ll ever understand a man who doesn’t like women yet acts like Richard Simmons? You just rifled right...