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Final Pre-Election Jobs Report Is Not Good News for Obama

peaceman Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 4:37 AM
for the lack of jobs. Then add on the Repub plan (actually recorded on the night of Obama's inauguration) to make Obama a one-term Pres at any cost (they agreed to block ANY legislation that would make look good; meaning reasonable legislation that would have promoted rapid job growth to spur the economy)...further proof?? Links... Re voter ID presented as an effort to address voter fraud...NOT!! Just more BS for those who simply nod their heads...

In some sense, the President is fortunate. I predicted a long time ago that he would win re-election if the unemployment rate was under 8 percent.

Well, the new numbers just came out and the joblessness rate is 7.9 percent.

So even though his stimulus failed, and even though his class-warfare tax policy is like a dark cloud over the economy, and even though his plans to further increase the burden of government spending will accelerate America’s...

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