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The Damn Will Break Soon

pcompton Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 6:15 PM
I don't know how to use a gun, never had one but, I'm with you. What can we do protest, march on Washington? I'm at a loss and have so much anger in me that I wish the worst for that man in the wh and should anyone ever decide to do anything about him then I hope I'm watching as blood and guts don't bother me especially when it's a commie.
Ugly? Promise? I can't wait to expose this fraud. Unfortunately, the Republicans are afraid to do anything about it after all O has a death list and anyone opposing him is on it.
I'm not defending Gay's however, at times I do think it's a choice b/c it's easier to have sex with your male friend than to try and have a relationship with the opposite sex. It takes much more work b/c the sexes think differently. With that being said there have been autopsies showing that Gay men ( women not sure about) had less testosterone than heterosexual men hence the femine behavior. I don't hate homo's but, I do not like seeing them display affection in public that freaks me out.
I am not really a religious person so for those of you who are and say that the creator will solve the problem of the man in the wh then please answer some questions for me. If God is so strong that he will always defeat Satan then why has God allowed (I know man was given the freedom to choose right from wrong) Satan to be re elected. Is there something in the Bible that addresses what's happening in this country? Does God think we should rebel or sit back and take what that devil has to dish out? Without a revolution I don't think we will work it out b/c too many people are angry and we all know what happened when the people got mad at England and the king.
Never! This article is so full of it. I hate that man in the wh he was never my president and never will be. I'll leave this country, denounce my citizenship before I live in a communist country and it looks like that's where were headed. Dictator's don't give up their throne especially this one who thinks the constitution doesn't exist so what's stopping him from declaring Martial Law and forever sitting on his throne. If anyone ever decides his brains would look good all over one of his liberal media tv stations then I hope I'm watching when it happens. United? Does it sound like I'm with him. Go to hell BO!
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