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Can things get any worse with this administration? Sadly, yes. Good luck GOP for the next election! Holder would not prosecute a blatent voter intimidation case against the new black panther who would further be emboldened. Fear and distrust is what Obama brings to the Nation.
Hilary. I can't believe that she is not alert on the potential danger of the Muslim Brotherhood. She is in bed with them too?
Yes, she should be! The private agency has connection with the Clintons! Hilary should be investigated too. Her hands were in it.
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The George Zimmerman Trial in Black and White

PCL Wrote: Jul 16, 2013 7:49 PM
More. 1. In post verdict interview with HNL, she called Zimmerman a "murderer", that after the jurors' verdict. Does she respect the law? 2. she fired the IT head who was concerned of not passing info to defense team.
Wow, one against four, and he did not let them talk him and the republicans down! He needs to be more visible! Great job!
Well said.
In normal situation, SE Cupp and Ginrich will wipe the floor of any opponents because they are smart, articulate, knowledgeable, and experienced; but I am very pessimistic about seeing honest and meaningful discussions with Stephanie Cotter and Van Jones on the other side. One is a conniving liar who will say anything to win, and the other has an ideology that is contrary to American belief, communism and socialism. CNN couldn't have picked a better team on the right, and the worst on the left.
On the contrary, he has very smart people who disregard ethics to get what the emperor wants.
Hear, hear.
Yap. I have suspected this and Benghazi had a lot to do with the campaign people. Obama had to listen to them in order to get re-elected. Stephanie Cotter has no soul. I thought their involvements were under the radar, but now she is revealing herself. What arrogance and disregard of ethics.
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