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You Can't Keep a Good Myth Down

PCL Wrote: Oct 02, 2014 6:08 PM
You are all about "I", "me", "my". You helped to keep Obama and his enablers in position. Is he not bad enough? Romney may not be your ideal candidate, but be honest, he would have been 100% better than what we have. Look at the incompetent and opportunistic staff he has/had: Sebellius, Holder, Shinseki, the female clowns at the State, IRS diretor, Lerner, Secret Service director, his goofy VP,...........Constitution adherence? Look at the way he uses executive orders, look at how he divides the country, look at how he deals with foreign policy..... There is no perfect politician, but choose one that does less harm. Are you happy now?
He does not like his job; but he likes his phone and pen. How can he golf when the world is upside down with troubles???
"When one church or believer fights with another over doctrine or practice, it’s like an eye arguing with a hand" That's where you want us to give up our preferences? How do you put doctrines and practices on the same plane. Practices and styles are non-essential and unique to each congregation or denomination. But doctrines are non-negotiable. There cannot be unity for unity's sake on major doctrinal differences. If you believe that Jesus was a good teacher and philosopher but not the incarnate Son of God, then we have a major difference for which we cannot have unity;
"A marriage doesn't have to die because of preferences." Actually a marriage can thrive with acceptance and respect of preferences of the other spouse. A little confused here. Give up our preferences, mine so that you and me can be the divergent duo and we are in unity? If we both give up, then we would not be divergent. What is your subtle message Rebecca.
The Bible teaches unity, but I have not come across the word "diversity". We are given different gifts, different roles, diffeent temperament, different styles, different ministry opportunity; but we have one head, one God, one Bible. What does diversity mean here? I wish Rebecca would come right out to say what she means to say,tell us what particlar preferences she wants us to lay down! I am wondering if she means laying down our preference of traditional marriage, and embrace same sex marriage. Is that what is meant by diversity?
Can things get any worse with this administration? Sadly, yes. Good luck GOP for the next election! Holder would not prosecute a blatent voter intimidation case against the new black panther who would further be emboldened. Fear and distrust is what Obama brings to the Nation.
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