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Make those arrogant jerks pay for turning 1/6 of the economy into a MESS!!
Pay attention this is about turning the page on Obamacare period. Just another shinny new object.
Toyota=billions in fines...........GM..............................
Where is the DOJ on this (crickets).
The top 12 donors are liberals and 90% of the lawyers contributions go to the left. The Koch are 59th on the list. Another LIBERAL LIE!!
They knew it was a lie and there would be backlash.
The mask is coming off, and their true colors are showing.
All the signs of a sociopath, what Obama says and what he does is always different. Fund raising is much more important.
There is plenty of LOW INFO VOTERS and TAKERS who will believe this stuff!!
The liberals don't know what the truth is and is lead by the biggest liar of all.
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