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The Clarity of the Obama Sequester

pcieslak carson Wrote: Feb 27, 2013 11:18 AM
I love it! Best thing I heard in a long time!
Hey big jerk, I assume you that you wrote what you wrote to get us all mad. Principles of equality mean that we have an equal chance of succeeding, or failing, based on our willingness to do what it takes to achieve it. With the exception of the disabled, the opportunity is there. We have the choice of working hard to achieve success, or being lazy and expecting others to help us out. Equality also means that access to what it takes to achieve should never be denied by things such as race, religion or sex, as long you qualify to begin with. The equality you are referring to does not mean equal access to wealth you idiot. I hate when you idiotic liberals twist things around to make it benefit themselves! You are the one being greedy!
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First, the Bad News

pcieslak carson Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 12:17 PM
Mitt Romney did win, but fraud make it look as if the Jacka$$ won!
I was angry that Romney did not take the socialist SOB out of office; but after some time and a lot of thought, I came to the conclusion that it may be a good thing that Romney lost because if he did win then the GOP would not have learned their lesson and they would continue to endorse more moderates for office. We need to get our party back to the conservative basics it was founded on.
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A Hundred Percent of Nothing

pcieslak carson Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 10:01 AM
Actually it is the Democrats that point out that blacks are stupid. Democrats provide the blacks with welfare, food stamps and free cell phones to keep them alive; but give them no help to become productive citizens and get off of government assistance. This is slavery! They treat blacks and Hispanics as if they are stupid and not capable of learning and taking care of themselves, as if they are mentally disabled. Why don't the minorities see this? Republican on the other hand believe that they have the same potential as the rest of us. And they get called racist!! Unbelievable - MLK is rolling in his grave!
I agree with all of this. it is a damn shame that Romney did not take any time during his campaign to explain any of this to the voters. Because he is so smart and full of common sense, I think that he actually did not think that he he needed to explain why he had the better plan. Most of it is common sense, and he made the mistake of assuming that most of the voters are smart enough to know better on their own. Obama on the other hand is just plain stupid, and this is why a greater percentage of the voters felt that he better understood them.
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The Message Romney Missed

pcieslak carson Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 10:49 AM
I also wake up every morning depressed, as if there was a death,since 11-7-12. You don't know how many times I've heard this from other people. When Bush 41 lost to Clinton, and Dole lost to Clinton, and even when Obama won the first time around, I was a bit disappointed, but after this last election it is more than disappointment. We all got over that within a day or so; but I just can't shake it. It is a feeling of total loss. I have problems getting out of bed every morning. I am losing my energy. I keep hanging on to the thought that Obama may get impeached as our only hope to be happy again. This is crazy - never have I've seen an election affect so many Americans like this one.
We all keep saying that we want a "true" conservative, and I agree. However, will a true conservative have a chance of getting votes from minorities and liberals? This last election showed that the majority of voters want bigger government and free stuff. Romney may not have been a true conservative, but he Obama is the complete opposite of conservative, and he got reelected for that purpose. A true conservative will make us conservatives happy, but I'm not sure that he or she can be elected in this day in age. We don't have the same kind of voters that we had way back when Carter was replaced by Reagan. Obama would never have been given a second term back in the 80's, and Romney would never have lost.
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