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Elizabeth420, I attended the event in Dayton yesterday and it was absolutely heartwarming to see the people IN MY community come together and DONATE cash and CANNED goods, goods that would sustain the trip over to the east coast. You know, if those MSNBC a$zholes would get their heads outta their tails and recognize the American spirit of truly wanting to help their fellow American...no strings attached...just think how this could bring healing to those that lost everything. These "news" anchors sit in a freakin' studio all day, what do they know about the real world. BTW, I am a senior citizen, that lost her full time job under Obummer two years ago and had her Delphi /GM SALARIED retiree pension stolen by this administration.
Anne_1, I just voted in Dayton Ohio last week. Then in my in-box, last night (tuesday) I received a "thank you for voting early..." I DID NOT vote for obama but instead of receiving something from Romney or how I truly voted, I received some chit from a Brian Connor from obama's "organizing for America-Ohio". What the heck??? then it said, p.s.....based on public info, we believe you voted early in Ohio..." I called the Board of Elections in Dayton and she said voting is public record..if so, why didn't i get a "thank you from who if actually voted for? Elections no doubt are rigged.
Continuing on what has been forced on us? What about this insane program called "ObamaCare". That was forced on the American people. Did you vote for it? Did you have a say in how it will affect you financially? I'm in the same boat as every other law abiding, taxpaying AMERICAN citizen that had this forced on them...to add insult to injury my pension was stolen by these a-holes. Vote 'em out in November. Your finances next?
Arley2, true. "Obama can't force it no matter how much money he spends"...the key words here are "...can't force it...", unfortunately he can force anything on anybody at anytime. My Delphi salaried pension, along with 20,000 other Delphi pensioners had their pensions forced off a cliff without us even knowing what happened to us. I was a secretary for those many years and was able to retire with a modest pension. Obamy and crew claimed that we had "no commercial value" and our pensions were destroyed by as much as 70%. Our pension fund was 85% funded so we had the money (not taxpayers monies) to fund our pensions for decades. We were forced into fighting for our financial lives and ended up filing a lawsuit against these jerks in office.
mlester, I agree. We (a number of Delphi Salaried Retirees) had a protest rally held in Dayton Ohio last wednesday, where Joe Biden spoke at a local university, Wright State University. The one sign that I carried outside on the sidewalk was "GM is Alive??? Delphi Pensions are DEAD! Is YOUR pension next?" Our local news showed my sign for about 1 second and then covered dear ol' Joe's stump speech. The strange thing is, it was reported that when Biden opened his mouth, he said I am glad to be at WAYNE State today. Someone corrected him and I'll be darned if he didn't call "Wright" State as "WAYNE State" again for the second time! This fool don't even know what universe he's in, let alone knowing what is going to come out of his rac ist lips
Hi Jerome49, agreed. I never received those things from Obamy...but I can go you one even worse. I am a Delphi Salaried Retiree that put in 30 plus years with GM only to be "spun off" the mothership into the entity known as Delphi in 1999. This bailout and bankruptcy is totally illegal and "normal, lawful" bankruptcy procedures were NOT followed by this administration. I am among the 20,000 Delphi Salaried Retirees that lost 30-70% of their pensions. We have had a lawsuit against these thieves since 2009. Try going for 3 years at my age (over 60) with your only source of income is a meager pension that the government willfully and KNOWINGLY stole from us and topped up UAW pensioners & members' pensions & wages.
Moonbat Exterminator: I wonder how many cra p-filled, hate molecules are going to spew from Charlotte next week? Why doesn't someone capture all that nastiness and turn it into bowel-powered fuel? There will be enough coming out of that convention to keep the eastern seaboard afloat for years. Nuclear power? Coal power? Naah! We have our own power plant solution there in the Arena. If we can just find a way to confine these Democrats' emissions and turn it into something productive. Wait. Democrat and productive used in the same sentence???? Sorry. Never mind...
tkdblk, thanks for the reply. You said "...but this time, you were remarkably restrained in your comments in Fairnessperson..." All I can tell you is that this is my demeanor most of the time. I won't stoop to their level of hate-filled tirades or pretend to be the smarty pants. What I have written in these threads are all true and I can stand up to any bully. I, along with 20,000 Delphi SALARIED retirees are living this nightmare EVERYDAY, but you don't see us taking low cheap shots at those that disagree with us. Like I said, I am all about class, fairness and dignity. Bullies have to trample on people...it makes them feel sooooo big. Poor, pathetic and love-starved little creatures that they are. Obama needs to get out of our lives.
Tom2221, I appreciate your reply. You know what? I just consider the source and move on. I am a survivor, no thanks to this government in power now. It bothers me that people won't wake up in time to realize what is happening. You know the story of the frog boiling in a pot of water right? The heat gets turned up little by little and the frog is unaware of what is happening to his surroundings and his life. Next thing, the frog boils to death and someone has them a fresh plate of froglegs! They really do taste like chicken! I will pray that the collective souls of this great nation wakes up and doesn't become the "Boiling Pot" of the world. And I am kidding about tuning in next week...I have better things to do with my life and time!
aknowles, we don't have winners in my book. In Obama's book, the unabridged re-write of American History, everyone is a winner. That is if you belong to a union like UAW, have hair cut like Debbie WhatsherFace Schultz, look like a deflated Mr. Potatohead Al Sharpton and froth at the mouth like Chris Matthews and Ed-I-constantly look like I am in need of an enema MSNBC creeps. So, no, there are no winners when gov steps in.
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