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.....and send 4,000 U.S. military troops into 35 African countries, to secure Africa for Africans. Google "U.S. military in Africa". While he merges U.S. with Mexico, by bringing Mexican population to the U.S., he uses our U.S. tax dollars and our American soldiers/children to secure Africa for Africans. He harms this country with impoverished Illegals, from Mexico and then, puts our American kids in harms way in hostile Africa. Obama is a traitor and hates Americans. Impeach.
Obama in March of this year, 2013 is going to start to send 4,000 American U.S. troops into 35 African countries. Why? To secure Africa for Africans, while he denies American U.S. citizens the right to secure America, for American U.S. citizens. Obama is a traitor. Google "U.S. military in Africa".
We have 23,000,000 U.S. American citizens, who cannot feed their American kids or give them, their rightful American Dream. That is why 50,000,000 desperately poor Americans are on foodstamps. Stop the hatred for our American countrymen. Force out all Illegals, and punish Traitors who brought them here, and support their crimes. Illegals have to go.
We cannot allow this Treason. Impeach Obama, and demand all traitors, representing these Illegals in our U.S. Congress, with our U.S. tax dollars to step down from our U.S. Congress. NOW!!! No more Amnesties. All Illegals have to go. Traitors must be severely punished.
Yep. In the near future, they will be marching in our streets begging for more of our U.S. tax dollars to help them out of their self-created poverty. They came here, Illegally poor and had babies they could not afford. It will remain their problem, because majority America U.S. will never see them or accept them or their children as Americans. Regardless of what Traitors do for these Illegal Immigrants and whatever label they describe them as, they will remain Illegal Immigrants to us. We will never forget this atrocity, committed against U.S. Citizens and our American U.S. children.
American U.S. CITIZENS will do whatever it takes to remove these trespassing Illegal Immigrants, from our U.S. sovereign soil. We will not stand down, lie down or shutup to the Illegal immigrant hordes and the Traitors, who support them. Nor, will we ever forget, how we got these Millions of hispanics in our country. It started with the 1st 3,000,000 lawless immoral hispanic immigrants getting Amnesty, 6,000,000 of their family members and now, the 15,000,000 to 20,000,000 Illegal hispanic immigrants, that they have helped to come here, now. Whenever American U.S. citizens hear the word "hispanic" we immediately and rightfully so, think of the immoral organized crime of Illegal Immigration.
It is of the utmost importance to stop any form of Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants, that includes the full grown adult children of Illegal immigrants. The Illegal immigrant Dreamers, recently had a "Dreamers" conference in Missouri. Their platform for Amnesty in 2013 is full Amnesty for themselves, their entire Illegal immigrant family and friends, and to stop any and all immigration law enforcement. Illegal Immigrants are a lawless immoral people, that they pass down to their offspring. We cannot embrace their lawless immoral culture.
Not if we stop any form of Amnesty for the 20,000,000 Illegal Immigrants that are here, and have a moratorium of Legal Immigration. Senator Rand Paul in his proposal for Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants, includes a moratorium on Legal immigration, while assimilating the Illegal Immigrants. If we can have a moratorium on Legal immigration for Illegal Immigrants, we can and must do it for the Citizens of this United States. The blatant Anti-American bigotry, of denying the U.S. citizens the same equal rights as the rest of the world. The right to determine who comes into our country. There is nothing wrong with immigration, if it benefits the CITIZENS of the host country. That includes the U.S.
We gave compassion and used extreme tolerance of crimes, of over 3,000,000 Illegal hispanic immigrants in 1986. We forgave them for their sins and crimes against us, the American U.S. citizens. Instead of being grateful, they returned our compassion and forgiveness with helping 15,000,000 to 20,000,000 more of their countrymen to come here, Illegally. We cannot back down or stand down, on our commitment to the sovereignty of our country and our culture of Obeying the Rule of law. We can no longer continue to give Special preferred treatment to this group of criminals, Illegal Immigrants.
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pbrown882 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 1:21 PM
The worst form of racism in the U.S. today, are people who are white would rather identify as "hispanic", because being white is evil and bad. Being "hispanic" is the new "white" and they are actually "white". LOL. If the label "hispanic" had never been invented for our U.S. Census, it would be a burgeoning "white" population we would be discussing.
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