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Why Do Democrats Hate American Manufacturers?

pbrown399 Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 12:54 PM
These stupid laws that Odummer and company are coming up with is going to have a very large ripple affect and will trickle down to anybody that did business with them or their employees and the tax loss felt by their moving will be tremendous all around the area and paoples taxes will start to rise to make up for the loss of revenue. But hey this is what America the home of the scared wanted, they wanted this moron to run again and now they see the monster they created here. This illegal pig and company is going to make everyones lives miserable for ever, thanks to a few million uninformed idiots who believe every lie that comes out of these pigs mouths. Thanks alot people, the stupid children did it again by letting them vote.
Here's the latest example of head-splitting cognitive dissonance in Washington: President Obama used his State of the Union address to crusade for a revitalized U.S. manufacturing sector. But while he pays lip service to supporting businesses that build their products on American soil, Obama and his left-wing operatives are hell-bent on driving a key sector of the U.S. manufacturing industry six feet under: the American firearms and ammunition industry.

The White House is pushing new government spending to "spur economic growth," protect manufacturing plants and "create good-paying jobs" to help America's middle class. Yet across the country, with aggressive lobbying by the...