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You could just love Obama and this guy would make you want to vote R. Please, keep his addled finger away from 'the button' until Jan. 20
Does that make it a fivehead?
There's a 40% chance you could put another face on that forehead of his.
Hello, I'm Stephanie Cutter, professional bullshitter
You know the numbers are bogus when they aren't plastered all over Huff Po.
If they say it, it must be true, right?
Isn't that birdism? Romney wouldn't defund PBS if Big Bird were white and not yellow. Unbelievable that BHO isn't 20 points down, isn't it?
It doesn't take an expert to recognize "diffident demeanor." Compare and contrast his appearance at the Rose Garden with his appearance at his fundraisers. A child can see the difference.
One good thing happened to BHO this week –– he certainly has something to distract everyone from the economy.
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Can the President Rewrite Federal Law?

PBR_ASAP Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 8:57 PM
Haven't you guys heard? The Constitution is just a fixer-upper.
We are a heartbeat away from President Joe Biden. Scary as hell, isn't it?
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