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the left has pushed an agenda of debauchery and promiscuity on teens and students in america for their ultimate goal is to have deplorable behavior as a norm. this allows them to not be prosecuted for their debasing ways and habits
bill was and still is a womanizer, and hillary is still called the ice queen. she is a womanizers just like bill is. they act with sexual debauchery as a release of tension from the constant planning of deceive and treachery
will hillary buy votes for fast terry, will they promise voters they will return favors for votes when elected. is hollywood and progressives running america or are the taxpayers really the fools that hillary and terry mcauliffe think they are by deceiving them
they play dirty, so lets mix it up a little. dig up dirt on opponents like obama does. call them names by all conservatives. expose their hypocritical business dealings. expose their guilt by association. and most important expose their sexual lifes like hollywood tarts and perverts that they are.
maybe dementia has been the main cause of senate problems, reid is muddled to often. clearity is lacking in him
obama should hook back up with al sharpton and host a show for msnbc, they could sell snake oil and charm the left with ideological stories of suppression and victimhood. LOL WHAT LOSERS
obamacare what a joke
the marxist left needs to be voted out
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Lax Bros: 1; Obama Administration: 0

pbergen Wrote: Oct 12, 2013 12:17 PM
obama and his administration want to inflict maximum pain. its chicago style of intimidation by force or thuggery. fire the administrators that took part in causing harm to american citizens for they work for the taxpayers not obama.
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Foreclosing on the Fourth Estate

pbergen Wrote: Oct 12, 2013 12:13 PM
liberals hawk their mess will great pride, silent when it goes bad
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