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Rallies Call for Standing Up for Religious Freedom

paxcat Wrote: Jun 07, 2012 10:30 PM
Horses are social creatures also as are most animals because survival depends on what humans call "social." Again, tell me what gene it is that determines "love," etc. In other words, how is it someone is "born" that way? You should be able to produce and/or reproduce that.
When historians one day look back on the rise and fall of the American republic, it won’t only be our habitual deficit spending and lack of financial discipline they blame for our demise, but the deficit of faith and lack of religion in our children’s generation.

The beliefs and values that once served as the foundation for our government and the moral compass for our society already have been so undermined among our youth that it may take a miracle to restore them.

The Bible says nothing is impossible with God. The spiritual revival we need may...