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What exactly is an "objective moral standard originating outside one's own ego...?" Please provide examples after stating what that is.
Horses are social creatures also as are most animals because survival depends on what humans call "social." Again, tell me what gene it is that determines "love," etc. In other words, how is it someone is "born" that way? You should be able to produce and/or reproduce that.
Really? How many were "Christian" before entering prison? How many became "Christian" while in prison? Chuck Colson's entire life after politics and prison was devoted to prison ministries and it was in prison that Chuck became a Christian!
So, if morailty does not come from the God aka as your "supernatural," then, pray tell, where does morality come from? See if you can answer this: A country has a population which is exactly able to produce enough to survive and live out a life, but as time goes on the population begins to exceed what is needed to survive, so what does "reason" and "appropriate assessment" suggest as a solution to the dilemma?
God was so kind that He gave mankind "free choice." Christians understand that. And, unfortunately, for man, when he fell out of the Garden, he has to work to be good because our "human nature" is not all that "good" when it comes to others. Therefore, man can choose to be good or choose to be bad! I would find it a lot more "cynical" to know that I was either going to become food for worms or living where it is very warm without an asbestos suit than it is to believe that there is a Heaven in which the pain and suffering of the world has been removed completely and one is able to bask in righteousness of God!
Really, what gene is that? Since you believe that the ideas of "love", "consideration for others," etc. come from being human only and have nothing to do with God, then you should be able to prove their existence and how the characteristics like blue eyes, is passed from one generation to the next. Also, how, then, do you explain the "pouring of acid" on a 10 year old Muslim bride for not keeping the house clean enough? Or, drive by shootings? Or, the plethora of examples of "man's inhumanity to man?"
"I don't vote for anyone who believes that his own opinion..." meaning that you would not even vote for yourself?????
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