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My Holiday Wishes for Obama

Pavlicek Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 1:15 PM
Impeachment? Who in the aitch would want Joe Biden in the Oval Office?
Obama became a constitutional scholar merely in order to find loopholes.
Gruber might think I'm stupid but this man is so devoid of common sense it's pitiful. But then he's proof that arrogance drops one's I.Q substantially.
Let's see. Nancy says she's under fire because she's a woman, copying her boss's playbook. Could it be she's under fire because she's turned out to be the dumbest thing in shoe leather and a liar to book? Grow up, Nan. You want to play with the boys you gotta learn to take your hits.
You want birth control?? Keep your legs together...
He's only taking after his boss. But then, maybe he and the Boss have a t-time. Must keep our priorities straight.
Big Brother kept the people under control with staged missile attacks; Obama and company are trying to do it with AGW.
Another brain-dead Hollywood denizen. To borrow from P.J. O'Rourke, giving Obama more power is like giving whiskey and car keys to teen aged boys.
Let's not forget Joe Kennedy's foray into bootlegging and his support for Hitler.
If this guy is a history professor, his school should immediately revoke his tenure and send him packing. Anyone who has ever cracked a history book knows this movement started around 1400 years ago and periodically resurfaced at Tours, Lepanto, Malta, and Vienna. Strozier's argument is a huge non sequitor. But then a wiser man than me once said some ideas are so ridiculous that it takes a really intelligent person to believe them.
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