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Veteran Arrested for 'Rudely Displaying' Gun

PauvrePapillon Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 3:17 PM
“It doesn’t seem like our rights are being respected,” he said. “For me, it’s a difficult turning point. I wonder what it is that I’m fighting for. If our basic rights are being violated this way -- what is my purpose?” Congratulations Gunny, you have now officially woke up and smelled the coffee. The Land of the Free, Home of the Brave is now the Land of the Freeloader, Home of the Handout. What we continue to euphemistically call The United States of America is really now The People's Republic of Norte Mexico... and has been for some time. It's time for freedom-loving patriots to embrace "America" as an idea or even a goal rather than a place and look for somewhere less populated with Useful Idiots to make a stand.

A decorated war veteran on a Boy Scout hike with his 15-year-old son was arrested alongside a Texas country road after a police officer accused him of “rudely displaying” a firearm.

Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham told Fox News he was illegally disarmed by members of the Temple Police Dept. - even though he held the proper permits to carry his weapons.

Grisham and his son were on a 10-mile hike in a rural area populated by wild boars and cougars. He was carrying an AR-15 rifle and a .45 caliber pistol.

He was charged with resisting arrest - even though...

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