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The Coming Age of Austerity

Paulus Textor Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 9:03 AM
A very pessimistic and unfortunately, very accurate description of where we're headed by the inimitable Pat Buchanan. There are, however, tiny shafts of light in the overall darkness. Here's just one of them: the homeschooling movement. Homeschooled children buck the trend of ever-lower SAT scores. They far and away outperform their Publick Skule counterparts in standardized tests, despite the fact they typically are NOT "taught to the test". Homeschooled children tend to be considerate, ethical, logical, and most of all, intelligent. There are about a million of them in the country at any given time, and the numbers are growing.
Troglodite Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 9:14 AM
All true--and it is a nice change to be able to agree with PT. On the other hand, if things continue as they are, it will probably not be enough to make a difference. Of course, it is not out of the question that, if things continue as they are, homeschooling will be crushed by the government. "[C]hildren [who] tend to be considerate, ethical, logical, and most of all, intelligent" are a danger to our elites and a standing reproach to those who are selfish, amoral or immoral, illogical, and dumb.
Cleombrotus2011 Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 9:44 AM
It is already illegal in Germany to home school your children. Children have been forcibly removed from their homes due to homeschooling.

It's not a logical leap to see the same impulse in the Left here in America.
"Are the good times really over for good?" asked Merle Haggard in his 1982 lament.

Then, the good times weren't over. In fact, they were coming back, with the Reagan recovery, the renewal of the American spirit and the end of a Cold War that had consumed so much of our lives.

Yet whoever wins today, it is hard to be sanguine about the future.

The demographic and economic realities do not permit it.

Consider. Between 1946 and 1964, 79 million babies were born -- the largest, best-educated and most successful generation in our history. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, both born...

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