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Rotten to the Core (Part 2): Readin', Writin' and Deconstructionism

Paulus Textor Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 9:43 AM
Good article by Malkin. The American public school system has actually been a fabulous success. It has achieved exactly what it was designed to achieve. The early progressives, including Woodrow Wilson, wanted an educational system that would create legions of obedient factory workers and soldiers. To accomplish this, schooling had to carefully LIMIT learning. After all, an intelligent citizenry is anathema to the ruling elite. The results have been stunningly successful. Legions of high school graduates barely able to read, write, or cipher. Millions of voters who think "hope and change" is some sort of profound philosophy. And, most astounding of all, millions who support the educational system that stunted their abilities.
jrobson Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 10:59 AM
Steev Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 9:54 AM
And shoe all bow subserviently to govt and revere its most violent offenders. Even this "right wing" author has been duped into believing that Lincoln was some great lover of liberty.
talltexanoilfieldtrash Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 10:11 AM
Go crawl back into your cardboard box and let somebody who needs that computer use it. I think I saw the garbage collectors eyeing your 'home in the alley'.

(This is the second part of an ongoing series on federal "Common Core" education standards and the corruption of academic excellence.)

The Washington, D.C., board of education earned widespread mockery this week when it proposed allowing high school students -- in the nation's own capital -- to skip a basic U.S. government course to graduate. But this is fiddlesticks compared to what the federal government is doing to eliminate American children's core knowledge base in English, language arts and history.

Thanks to the "Common Core" regime, funded with President Obama's stimulus dollars and bolstered by duped Republican governors and business groups, deconstructionism...