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Cory Booker’s Libertarian Case Against the Drug War

Paulus Textor Wrote: Jul 18, 2012 9:37 AM
I've heard the quickest way to wreck a crop of marijuana grown for smoking purposes, is to plant a field of hemp next door. Pot growers go to great lengths to select only female plants, which produce lots of the desired substance, THC. If the female plants are fertilized by pollen from male plants, THC production plummets. In order to have a pollen-free environment, pot growers would have to grow all their plants indoors, in filtered-air environments. After all, Mother Nature designed pollen to float in the air and land on female plants to fertilize them. That's how the system works.

I’ve already confessed to man-crushes on Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, and (or course) the Gipper, but it’s time for me to cross partisan and racial boundaries and announce my man-crush on Cory Booker.

From the Huffington Post, here’s what the Newark Mayor had to say...

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