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Very typical for a vicious dog to go for either the crotch or throat. The odds are against you without some kind of weapon. You probably won't have the time to go get one. I always carry a weapon.
Our pastors won't be forced to marry sodomites. They've already stated they will give up their state marriage licenses if it comes to that. They'll still perform marriage ceremonies for Christians, they'll then have to go to the courthouse to make it legal. The tax exception for charity is a nice thing to have, but I can see this government doing away with it since they want all money and aid to come from big brother so they can increase their control over people's lives.
Gee, and I always thought atheists were very tolerant and respectful of other peoples' beliefs. Bursts my bubble...
Nope, never lost a single gun. I'd take that fiveSeven in the pix though.
Gotta perfect record of never spending a nickel on any of those so-called artists.
Beyonce = Vegas Act. If you're into that kind of thing, lots of flash and skin, then feel free to call it entertainment.
You know, that kinda makes sense.
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