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A Costly “Proposal”

PaulJordan Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 11:40 PM
The reality is that this amendment would simply return the legal status of unions and organized labor to that enjoyed prior to the Snyder administration--no more, and no less. The hysteria from the Mackinaw Center and state chamber of commerce, etc., is entirely unwarranted. American business cannot prosper without a robust middle class, and recent history has demonstrated that America will not have a robust middle class without organized labor. Only dedicated enemies of working people should fear this amendment.

It sounds so innocuous: the “Protect Our Jobs” amendment. At a time of high unemployment, who wouldn’t find such a concept appealing? So union leaders are pulling out all the stops to get this measure, better known as Proposal 2, approved by Michigan’s voters on Election Day.

But don’t ignore this ballot initiative if you happen to live outside the Wolverine state. The fate of Proposal 2 likely will have repercussions elsewhere. Other states are struggling with the same economic pressures that led union leaders to push for it in Michigan. Like the fight over Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial reforms in...