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Are You Smarter Than a Communist?

paulinho Wrote: Jan 31, 2014 11:49 AM
Wrongo again goldi! Obama is a Progressive and so is Hitlery (in her own words: "I am not a liberal, I am a Progressive!"). What is a Progressive? Read the Progressive manifesto which was used by Teddy Roosevelt when he ran (as a "Bull Moose" Party candidate), against Wilson and lost. The manifesto reads like pure communism and people like Lenin are said to have loved and adopted parts of it. Or could Obama be a closet National Socialist? That would be NAZI for you pure socialists. Wilson loved it too and began to look and act just like a Nazi. Hitler was said to have liked the Prog manifesto too. So we have a Obama a Nazi, a Socialist or a plain old Progressive or a bit of all three?
In reality, all libs are really Progressives (as Hitlery herself loudly proclaimed). A progressive is actually worse than a lib - they are true commies. Don't believe it? Read the Progressive Party Platform, espoused by Teddy Roosevelt and later transformed into laws championed by Wilson and all succeeeding RAT presidents, the worst of all being Obama. Ericynot and you obviously qualify as comrades in the Progressive Party.
It's the libs who actually get us into most wars. Keep in mind: Wilson in 1917, FDR in 1941, Truman in 1950 in Korea, JFK in Viet Nam, the latter war was then lost by LBJ for his inept meddling, plus the ignorant liberal MSM who all helped cement the loss. As for Bush and Cheney, all the major libs (Clinton and the RATs in congress), first supported the admin's aims to eliminate the greatest threat we have had and still have --the islamist murderers (remember 9/11?). As for guns in the hands of citiizens, they are Constitutionally legal and are the only thing keeping us safe from a tyrannical government.
Did you mean Pres. Bush? He was a hero compared to the present idiot in power. And Cheney was also on our side. Are you a closet lib or what?
Obama will soon declare that your favorite Brit TV show will have to be eliminated as it does not provide equal income for the lower class servants who work in the Abbey. It will also be done because Obama generally hates the Brits as imperialists. Remember--Obamalib immediately removed Churchill's statue from the White House. All of you libs are RAT Utopians at heart while you vote to keep the poor on the plantation with eternal, freeby handouts.
Hey John! Only five big lies? That's a modest start on the multiple lies told daily by Obama, his lap dog commie media, the RATs in Congress, the lib-headed Blue States (NY & CA come to mind), in our once-great Nation. Keep hammering these libidiots until they fade away permanently, starting in the 2014 elections and by removing the progressive plague from the White House in 2016.
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The Anus Monologues

paulinho Wrote: Jan 01, 2014 11:21 AM
What, pray tell, is a true Christian? It is made patently obvious by your incessant, idiotic posts that you ain't one of them.
Vile: Cheap, base, sordid, debased, and corrupt. Amazing! The words perfectly describe the current administration, virtually all Democrats and the vile Piers Morgan.
The real proiblem in 2014 is whether or not the US Dollar tanks, loses much value and inflation begins, big time. Some economists think that mega-infation is close to being a fact.
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Stupid Is the New Normal

paulinho Wrote: Oct 31, 2013 11:11 AM
Hilarious! The Tea Party is emotional about the Constitution and small government. Their logic and reason are so pure the RATs cannot and will not ever understand it. Logic and reason are not characteristics of leaders of the Democrat Party whose most recent debacles include, of course, the worst piece of legislation in our history, the ACA law (if one were to simply add a C to make it CACA, it would make the law much more descriptive, especially to illegals). The very arithmetic of the law makes you RATs look stupid at best.
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Is College Worth The Cost?

paulinho Wrote: Oct 28, 2013 3:30 PM
When I grew up in the 30s and 40s, a HS certificate meant something, but we were much better educated than HS grads now. We could actually read most anything, knew a lot about science, US history (civics), English grammar and writing, had to pass basic math, including algebra and geometry and some of us even took foreign language courses. These are the basics that most colleges and universities have to teach new students until they can begin to understand the real upper-level material. When I went to college, half of the incoming freshmen flunked out after two years. All this decline can be traced to progressive ideas invading the schools and making our kids into PC liberal automatons.
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