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Right at the start of the hearings, the three female members on the Supreme Court were obviously in favor of granting women the new "right" to have contraceptives and abortions on demand, paid for by all of us taxpayers. Obama oppointed two of these far-left female supremes and now the Republic may forever the price of his continuing demonstration of idiocy.
My wife recently bought a chair I didn't like, but she did it anyway. I responded with: "If you like your chair, you can keep your chair. Period! She was not amused and kept the chair. We are also stuck with Obamacare, Period. Now, however, some left-leaning Pubbies are doing their Demo-light act and talking about "just fixing Obamacare. If that becomes fact, the Republic is truly screwed, period. Obamacare must be repealed! After the Progs are defeated in November (pray make it so!), perhaps we have a chance to repeal the gruesome law and overcome a certain Obama veto that will surely follow.
Rick, Get a spell checker fast!
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Obama Must Go

paulinho Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 11:08 AM
When I saw the list of Obama enablers, I could not help but think that Obama and the Socialist RATs have nearly won and the Republic is almost surely toast. Please, someone, tell me I'm wrong and that there is a way out of this terrible mess called Obamism.
The Progressives were really started by both Pubs and RATs and the key people in the movement were Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. For a true view of the movement, read the Progressive Party Platform promoted by Rooosevelt in 1912. Ugly stuff, bit still loved by the RATs today and people like Hitlery, a self-declared Progressive.
Your history is innaccurate. In fact, it is fantasy. If Reagan told the Marines not to fight back, how do you explain that Marine guards fired their rifles at the the driver and the truck carrying the bomb? My Marine brother was there and his word and that of the honest press tell the truth. The real problem was that Reagan pulled the troops out of Lebanon before they engaged and defeated the terrorists. Had he done so at first, who knows if that action would have changed our present situation where Obama Admin is obviously pro-Muslim, terrorism has expanded while the Admin and Obama refuse to even use the word terrorist.
Not many of you youngsters know what a dime was worth in the Depression years in the 30's, but I do. We thought our 25 cent allowance per week was wonderful. We could actually get into a movie for a dime and the extra change bought candy bars, popcorn and soft drinks.
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Soros Trolls Hit Bottom of Barrel

paulinho Wrote: Feb 02, 2014 11:29 AM
Obama a self-made man? How is that possible? His grandparents paid his costs for school. Somehow he got into the most expensive high school in Hawaii, Punahou, and attended the U of Hawaii, sponsored by a known Commie. How did he afford to go to other US colleges? What were his grades while there? His own father (?) was a wealthy Kenyan politician and his step-father, a well-to do Indonesian Muslim. All of these are puzzles, but "self-made" does not fit him at all.
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Are You Smarter Than a Communist?

paulinho Wrote: Jan 31, 2014 11:49 AM
Wrongo again goldi! Obama is a Progressive and so is Hitlery (in her own words: "I am not a liberal, I am a Progressive!"). What is a Progressive? Read the Progressive manifesto which was used by Teddy Roosevelt when he ran (as a "Bull Moose" Party candidate), against Wilson and lost. The manifesto reads like pure communism and people like Lenin are said to have loved and adopted parts of it. Or could Obama be a closet National Socialist? That would be NAZI for you pure socialists. Wilson loved it too and began to look and act just like a Nazi. Hitler was said to have liked the Prog manifesto too. So we have a dilemma...is Obama a Nazi, a Socialist or a plain old Progressive or a bit of all three?
In reality, all libs are really Progressives (as Hitlery herself loudly proclaimed). A progressive is actually worse than a lib - they are true commies. Don't believe it? Read the Progressive Party Platform, espoused by Teddy Roosevelt and later transformed into laws championed by Wilson and all succeeeding RAT presidents, the worst of all being Obama. Ericynot and you obviously qualify as comrades in the Progressive Party.
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