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Are We Rome Yet?

Paulie8 Wrote: Aug 01, 2013 6:38 PM
Just finished a very interesting book: "Flashback" by Dan Simmons. The premise is the world (primarily the US) 20 years hence after the liberals have won and the consequences are realized. Healthcare as was predicted (bad to nonexistent), 44 1/2 states since a few either seceded or were taken over by LaRaza, limited travel by armed convoy only. The military hired out to fight wars for Japan since that becomes the best way to earn since 85% of the population is no longer working and has become addled by the new drug 'flashback'. Israel destroyed by Iran using dirty bombs, and on and on. Numerous references to liberal policies throughout (they're going to hate this book). Scarily believable. Good read and recommended.
First off: where do you get the idea that Republicans would ban all abortions? Typical scare tactics and an insult to the intelligence of any thinking person. Second: you are certainly entitled to your opinion, even if it is half-baked and without merit. Third: certainly women should have control of their own bodies, and be entitled to free choice. In MY opinion, that choice was made when choosing to use no birth control. Once a life is conceived (again, in MY opinion) that woman is no longer choosing for herself. I understand that there are no absolutes in life; there needs to be room for exceptions and extraordinary circumstances. Nevertheless, it's my belief that if a woman can choose to have unprotected sex and conceives a child, she (and the father, of course) have created a responsibility, not an option. Just my opinion, and one I'm quite sure that would never get traction in today's society.
I don't know; I'd consider it a challenge to gag DWS.... if you get my drift...
As long as you clean up your mess afterwards (unlike the Occupy crowds) then you can rub all you want.
Stewart seems to be coming around more and more, almost as if he's realized just how ridiculous the liberal agenda is. Just sayin'.
And yet you've found you're way to not just the article, but this far down into the comments. What does that say about a troll?
Excuse me? How do you debunk a crab recipe calling for imported mustard? Seriously? You people absolutely REEK of desperation. Fun-fun-fun.
I'm a little disappointed that that's the best they can come up with. Perhaps they are better served to work a Trayvon Martin article? Nah... that doesn't work, either.
And let us not forget that it was Ms Warren's great-great-great-great grandfather employed by the Federal army to escort said Cherokees on the Trail....just sayin'.
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