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Union Mob Hogs All the Seats in “Public” Negotiation Session

Paul C Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 8:17 PM
Teachers in St. Lucie County Fl avg 36k a year. don't know where you get 50k. Your numbers don't add up. $40/hr = 83K.With those math skills, you may want have someone else handle your money.
More and more school districts are holding union contract negotiations in full view of the public.

That positive development allows taxpayers - those people footing the bill for the giveaways authorized by the board - to learn where their money goes and why. By witnessing the process they can form their own opinions, free of the media filter and union spin.

The unions have never liked this idea, and apparently have found a way to get around it: Arrange to have union members and supporters take all the seats reserved for the public. That will leave John...