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I work for the VA. The over riding problem is the supremacy of administrators over clinicians in system design and management. Dr.s in my hospital are forced to work like it's 1932. one pt. in one room with one Dr. No efficiency no considerations in productivity, and it drives Dr's, Nurse Practitioners and PA"s alike all crazy. Listen carefully, Drs want to take care of the largest amount of pts in the safest possible manner. Administrators are only concerned with "Good meetings" and numbers.
Then please give up your car. More Americans are killed by cars.
The executive bonus system is the crux of all this bad-decision making. Senior Executives in the Va gerrymander data so that it fulfills the arcane requirements of their bonuses. Congress needs to immediately end all federal bonus programs and base pay raises and job security on the results of survey results as accrued by an annually rotating group of survey organizations. ALL Federal employees (myself included) should be vulnerable to being fired for the same reasons as non government employees.
They were on video admitting to the murder. They did not deny taking part in the murder. Hello Britons: There is a 0% recidivisim rate from the death penalty.
Rep. is himself racist. He doesn't care about the whole Bengazi thing because it was just white americans who were killed. No ethnic losses here. I am also begininng to wonder if he isn't also an anti-semite.
Teachers in St. Lucie County Fl avg 36k a year. don't know where you get 50k. Your numbers don't add up. $40/hr = 83K.With those math skills, you may want have someone else handle your money.
Happy Jake; Union representation does not preclude how people get paid. If Teachers were really trying to soak the system, they'd DEMAND a hourly rate. Believe me, with all the Mickey Mouse administrative fluff the Fed,State and County require (meetings and such) teachers would be in a perpetual overtime situation. Blair31 wants to decertify the public unions, only problem is that Membership has to decertify the Union. Otherwise what you really want is to Outlaw, public unions. I'd pay to watch that happen.
I live in Port St. Lucie. I am the Father and Father-in-law of two teachers. This article is an embarrassment to this conservative faithful. Port St. Lucie Board managment has promoted 13 assoc. superintendants with an avg salary of $85K. The average front line teacher is paid $36K. They have had no effective raises (there was a 3% last year but it went to increased benefit contributions) in three years. Teachers in this district have a $50. annually allowance for classroom supplies. (Really? but managment all had increases?) The County still permits DROP programs (were the Superintendant received his lump sum retirement AND still kept working, instead of making room for a younger and hopefully cheaper replacement). Facts first?
Oh boy, we have got to rise above this 'gotcha' stuff and focus on the important stuff. We i the producer however, everytime someone-anyone- drops the bomb, they need to have a breathalyser....just to rule out Alcohol as an excuse. LOL
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