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If obozo has his way, you will be next. Unless you are a muslim. Good luck.
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Election Could Mirror 1980 Race

PaulBrown Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 11:06 AM
The better candidate is on the ballot. We tried the "CHANGE" of obama, and found he had no clue. Now is the time to give the football to another and give him a chance. When spending 4 trillion in only 3 years didn't help turn around things, 5 or 10 trillion more of the same will do nothing. Obama has no clue how to do anything but campaign, it's time to change to another president. Put the business man in and "REAL CHANGE" will happen. JOBS, JOBS, and More JOBS is the ticket and ROMNEY knows how to accomplish this.
I think you mean saddled by the Congress in charge of the budget prior to the incoming president. Let me see, Oh yea, that would be the democratic controlled congress and obozo. So the only ones to blame are the same ones in charge right now, obozo and democrat controlled senate.
There are no words to add to this speech, Clint has said it all. Still the best Hollywood has to offer.
It's time to put the Flag of the United States of America back in the Oval Office.
She meant to say on the wallets of the people. Fools rush in where wise me fear to tread. Just saying
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