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Your writing is eloquent but your argument is missing once your Neal hate is removed. Neal knows he's a SAWB that fires up you government indoctrinated Marxists. He's offering a best selling book and your offering a bird out the window of a passing car.
Have you read the book. To those who have, you appear shallow.
Ridiculous, patronizing, inaccurate, and naive.
Costas was actually quite stereotyping and so was Jason Whitlock. Both claiming the 2nd Amend. is too much freedom to "inner city" culture. Even Chris Matthews would have to admit to this Liberal "dog whistle".
Best comment so far.
Join the other Side. please! Your not helping and your attitude is reason to be worried of lawful gun owners. You don't represent their beliefs.
Well only one side can be right in a zero sum debate, so what's your point? The question is, is it Constitutional or not. Until the the second amendment is repealed, Costas is wrong, even if the truth deniers believe differently. It will be repealed when people no longer see a greater benefit from the "right". We haven't come close to that place yet!
Neither of these guys understand the important details of our gun ownership system. The don't know bazooka from rifle or semi auto from auto. If Belcher had a history of assault or domestic abuse he was not!!!! a legal gun owner. Laws are made not just to discourage crime, which thy have never completely succeeded at, but also to clarify when punishment is appropriate. The constant banter that we need to strengthen laws until they discourage the unwanted behavior 100% is juvenile and idiotic. And to lump legal owners with unlawful owners is not done in any other legal area. In other words since some people don't pay child support we are going to outlaw divorce?
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