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You say "We're certainly not the enemy" but the problem is you ARE the enemy. Sorry to say that, but it is true. The politicians who would jail us for non-violent offenses, the bureaucrats who would take our property without paying for it, the thieves and thugs who would govern us are nothing without you. Without you, how would they confiscate guns in violation of the Second Amendment? Without you, how would they wreck a man's life for possession of an ounce of marijuana? Without you, how would they seize a man's home or business to build a new stadium, or a parking lot for a casino? No, sir, you ARE the problem. You are the enemy of freedom. You delude yourself and say you are "just enforcing the laws". Well, how is that different than any other thug that says "I was just following orders?" YOU are the knife in the hands of the psychopaths in government. And you know what you need to do? Quit! Stop being a cop! Stop being the "long arm of the law". Stop thinking you are doing any good at all when in fact you are just engaging in extortion and theft, and empowering these hideous monsters in government! Yes, occasionally you do "do good". Occasionally you do catch a thief, but you are busily aiding the biggest thieves of all. Occasionally you are a first responder at an accident, and do save lives. But what of the thousands of lives ruined by your bosses? It's not the few idiots that are the problem.... It's people like you who do evil and call it good.
You have not tangled with the Maine State police yet, have you?
What is really pathetic is these people are moving to places like Arizona, and bringing their stupid, oppressive collectivist political opinions with them. Please New Jersey, lower your taxes, repeal the most egregious laws, so that the damn Yankees will stay in New Jersey where they belong.
No politician is a true friend of the Second Amendment. That's because no politician is a true friend of the individual, or of freedom. He wants to see all individuals globbed together into a group, with him in charge.
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Ferguson and the Militarization Myth

Paul 7440 Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 12:07 AM
Libertarianism is a political philosophy, not a moral one. Libertarianism is based upon one thing: The non-aggression principle. It is not a promise of hookers and drugs. In fact, it is very compatible with the teachings of Christ who taught peace. Libertarianism says that it is wrong for me to take your property without your permission, or damage it, or harm you (or kill you). The difference between Libertarianism and other political philosophies is that Libertarianism holds government officials to the same high standard of not being allowed to aggress. Therefore, we are against involuntary taxation, we are against the government interfering into what you ingest, and we are against government deciding the sleeping arrangements. (This does NOT mean that we approve of the recreational use of drugs, or sexual immorality. Those are non-sequitur..Vices are not crimes, and government should never be an instrument of vice prevention.) We are against the vast majority of wars. We are against the police committing acts of summary execution in the streets when their lives are not clearly in danger. We are against regulation of businesses. We are FOR peaceful trade with all people. We are FOR people keeping the money that they legitimately earn themselves. We are FOR allowing people to live where they want to live. We are FOR the concept of self-defense against aggressors. Before you go off on Libertarians, it might behoove you to at least know what we stand for.
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