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The Main Event

Paul6310 Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 6:56 AM
I watched the Nebraska Senatorial Debate last night, at least, I watched some of it. Bob Kerrey and Deb Fischer. He was specific but ridiciulously behind the curve. She had the right vision, but could not dare to state a specific item because every cure needed now is going to cost somebody. Gov Romney faces the same dilemma. Obama can just demogogue anything he says by offering to pay for it. We are in a terrible cleft stick.
Douglas32 Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 9:35 AM
Their in lies the problem, we are no longer a electorate who cares about the nation as a whole, the electorate is made up of almost 50 percent who want something for themselves. This electorate is willing to let the nation go to ruin for the sake of themselves. This has been cultivated by years of dubmocratic pitting one group against the other, most generally the old are told the Republicans are going to steal their Social Security. The poor are told that the rich are going to make them poorer. Obumer has doubled down on this to the point we are not longer the united states.
Mitt Romney's main advantage in his first debate with President Obama on Wednesday may be that the president will be speaking without a teleprompter. His second advantage is the president's record and how he has failed to fulfill many of his promises.

While the president will probably recycle his class warfare themes, Romney should focus on the president's domestic failures and on Republican initiatives that have worked in the past. We Americans didn't just crawl out of a cave. There is history.

He might start with what has happened since the 2010 election, which elected 17 Republican governors. According...