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The Polluted Documentary Oscar Pool

Paul6310 Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 10:19 AM
Does your intelligence level drop with the vitriol you spew? Or are you paid by your liberal media masters by the troll post?
Good question. Another one: what makes you rich: a lot of income or a lot of assets?
People will gladly take what they are given, as a rule. And I suspect that the tax-the-rich mantra is just something the Left insists on having so they can feel superior (weirdly, it is a kind of self-loathing because so many of them will in fact be more highly taxed by all this).
Actually, it just causes them to shift the way they are compensated. There will be no net taxes received by government...there may even be a drop. The people in the newsrooms are really supposed to be able to see this (it having happened a number of times in their lifetimes already), but they don't, so when the revenues actually drop relative to what they expected, they'll be right back claiming that even higher taxes are needed. It's an easy life, being the court herald to a tyrant, but NBC, et al, are happy to live that way. The pay is good, the living is easy and they get to look down on all the people they consider unwashed.
And you don't see that the Islamists are this generation's Nazis? Sad, that, and indicative of why you are so dismissive of conservatism.
First, give us back the money Obama and Reid stole to give to unions and especially teachers, nawlins.
That's a very silly observation. Just because there are more degrees does not mean that the degrees themselves indicate anything other than persistence in school. After all, how many of those degrees are in hard sciences? This is a polite answer to a very impolite post.
But she can enforce her murderous will on a helpless infant and you will just stand there, approvingly. No wonder you use the moniker you do. And actually, that moniker would better be used by someone with a smidgeon of humor and wit at their disposal, not to mention an actual independent mind.
Well, hatred of Tea Party people appears to strongly motivate you, anyway.
I find its utter disconnect from ordinary reality pretty aggravating, not to mention its inhumanity and contempt for intelligence.
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The Electoral College, Under Attack

Paul6310 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 7:12 AM
And how convenient that would be for majoritarians everywhere, wouldn't it? The idea was to increase the power of less-populated states vis a vis the larger so that as Mr Davis points out, the candidates would be obliged to form super-majorities in their electing coalition. That was part of the reason for having the legislatures select the Senators too, though that is also to reflect the governing interests of the several states rather than the national ones. So, I'm in favor of going back to legislatures selectingt the Senators and not to progress to total majoritarian control. That would eliminate the states as having any politicial importance or meaning and change us from at least the impression of being a Republic into a Nation.
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