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The Immigration Ploy

Paul5702 Wrote: Jun 19, 2012 4:43 AM
Hey sport, Reagan as YOU KNOW did implement an amnesty program for a certain number of illegals in '86.. it was proven to be an unmitigated disaster. BTW, take a gander at the SW USA's public education system test scores through the decades.. you know to include the, '16 to age 30' illegals. AZ, CA and NV rank 46th-48th nationally. CA was in the low-mid 20's nationwide in the 1980's. Though since '07 Latino's have been the majority demographic for CA teens and public school attendees, respectively. If you don't think this ahem, 'Progressive/ Illiberal (progressive.. the present-day definition is thee oxymoron) practice has effected said area - I recommend you go and splurge for the lobotomy to make it official..
I'm tired of this unaccomplished, improperly vetted grifter and his go-nowhere, sanctimonious dribble. Which has been proven to only impress his A D D addled minions and useful idiots with I.Q.'s at/below room temperature. This poseur of a leader overuses the vague and lazy, 'they' so often and haphazardly throughout his preaching's it's mind-numbingly amateurish. I'd heard more depth, description from H.S. Treasurer hopefuls or Sociology 101/ 102 Professor's when fighting sleepiness. This so-called man is an embarrassment in a myriad of ways.
Haha.. a big 'C' like Van Jones will not 'clarify' his ahem 'misspoken' message. Name one Commie who has revisited erroneous ( i.e. lie(s) ) assertion(s)? -Independent who drinks no one's kool-aid.
Dude's an ideologically moronic amateur. His audience is ALWAYS some ignorant college-aged crowd or public sector union and/or low-level government employee plebes. This joke-of-a-man with his wannabe blue-collared, sleeves rolled-up persona - the guy's truly an empty vessel. TBH I feel sorry for him. As mention per the article: A legend in his own mind.
More FACTS concerning Eric 'My people' Holder's tyranny-like considerations regarding those with darker melanin. WHom he feels are 'above the silly legal processes'. When in fact Voter I.D. laws have INCREASED voting participation amongst Georgia's Black population. Honestly, 'My people' is an enemy of the state in many regards. To all melanin-types of Americans. From Marc Rich and terrorist pardons under Bubba, F&F withholding SUBPOENA'D documents, voter I.D., strong-arming/ gutting AL, AZ immigration bills insofar, Whereas the aforementioned bills are LEGAL, nearly verbatim immigration laws to the Fed Bill on the books which is referred to as, 'broken' by 'My people' and the Teleprompter- in-Chief due to no mention of: amnesty.
Et tu, Colin Powell?
Nonetheless Booker STILL said in the same breath, 'We need (need?) to reelect Obama..' Like any government plebe or bureaucrat who knows he NEEDS to play both sides/ bases all the while usurping, appeasing to the kleptocracy. Seriously Booker in all sense APOLOGIZED. I wouldn't praise this dude, don't get me wrong he's done a lot of good for that armpit of a city, like most people have.
1 of the above Obama useful idiots wrote, '..what they said previously to hurt Obama’s credibility'. FYI, bub. Obama's doing just that ALL BY HIMSELF. It's amazing to hear a grown man, let alone the CiC be so inept, economically void of the free market system. As well as his near-constant nonsensical class envy (all the while having a $12k-$62.5k per plate 'dinner' with the very same people, corporations he demagogues!) lectures and racial gaffes is so convoluted, so backward/ counterproductive it's beyond trying to comprehend. 'African American's for Obama' - how the h ell do we have these divisive-type websites, this one provided by the WH (!) and this grifter at 1600 Pennsylvania be considered a 'uniter'? Guy's a joke.
You mean if Moonbeam were indeed serious he'd go after the REAL grifter's who benefit and receive the utmost in terms of health/ dental care, pay and other benes for doing the LEAST amount of work.. i.e. himself and the entire California kleptocracy? Not gonna happen. Even in a GOP-heavy state. These politicians know their words when speaking of the umpteenth time of, '..lessening/ removing invasive, wasteful government..' are 'just words'. Obama's on record for saying that very same sound bite. You think he's been held accountable for his grandiose, pie-in-the-sky promises and lofty rhetoric? Maybe amongst those in private conversation but on a national level.. there are still PLENTY of kool-aid drinkers, MSM usurpers 4 inept CiC.
Apollo, it's no use. You're speaking to an Obamabot useful idiot. Whereas the commenter, like our CiC is an economically void, clueless on private sector, free market potential and thinks running artificial federal interference (i.e. QE1 & QE2 is just 'goosing' the economy) is 'fantastic'. About as inept as one can become. Just short of a lobotomy.
The market's slipped nearly 600 points this month alone. The Labor Department's recent #'s are worse than anemic, they're frightening. The ONLY EU country's in financial dire straits are those who USE the failed Keynesian theory! The auto bailout caused a $3 billion loss to taxpayer's whereas GM will NOT pay it back and yet touted as 'success'. The payoff also breaks the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. Romney's Bain time provided an 80 + % success rate! Whereas Bain filed for bankruptcy, readjusting 2 + years following Romney's departure yet Bain DOES NOT blame Romney for that occurrence like Uhbumbles CONTINUES TO DO 3 + hers into HIS ahem, 'leadership'.
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