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Since when did our First Wombat become a supposed health expert? Look at the aforementioned wombat's thighs, backside. Hillary Clinton's are modelesque if compared!
What an ignoramus. 'Ol Plugs is all the more annoying, his being a geriatric and using, '..he goes..' rather than the appropriate, '..He'd said/ say or 'He'd often say..' etc. I'm not an English grammar Nazi though you'd expect a supposed educated person, especially the 3rd most powerful person in the country would use proper grammar.
'Ol Yellow-toothed Reid said in early March 2012, 9 + months before the end of the year mind you, went on record and said the Senate, '..wouldn't have time..' to take care of a budget plan this year as well! 9 + freakin' months! THAT'S 'our' Senate Majority Leader, folks. Both Reid and the idiotic, fictional, 'Republican's would have filibustered it' sound bite the moron, soup bowl-haircut, ex- Speaker Pelosi provided on, 'The Jon Stewart Show' nearly 2 years ago is WHY the Democrat's ahem, 'leaders' are a sick joke and in many instances.. enemies of the state. I hope Reid 'enjoyed' his recess. A-hole.
Wow.. ad hominem and more Uhbama kool-aid, cheery picked AND fictional talking points from bother Illiberal. Knock me over with a feather. If 3 + years, 'post recession' and were STILL losing jobs is a 'feather in Uhbama's cap' - you may be drinking the kool-aid. -Illiberal who drinks no one's kool-aid.
Yeah.. Uhbama's, 'Rolled-up sleeves' shtick TOTALLY sells me on his, 'this man 'really' gets us everyday, working stiffs' persona. Riiiight (sarc off). The day this First Lady puts in an HONEST day's work in her life (take a gander at her ahem, 'job' at her then-hospital gig. Michelle had gotten ~275% raise when her then-Senator husband obtained monies for the hospital and his wife received ~ 1/3 of that grant herself! No cronyism here, folks. Not to mention her job was 86'd altogether when she'd left said job!) instead of using fictional sanctimony, preachiness-like insults. She and her economically void, empty vesseled husband are a freakin' joke.
I LOOOOVE my carbon footprint.
I agree with most of TH's writer albeit the, '..McCain being an honorable man' shtick. Juan McCain is a squishy, amnesty seeking now 180° strong borders advocate (?) RINO who boasted of his 'crossing the aisle' during the ;08 election.. i.e. SPINELESS actions to appease the Illiberal party's pandering. McCain's been a politician, living off taxpayer's like a welfare recipient for 25 + years. McCain and NUMEROUS other grifters in the swamp are why term limits are NEEDED. 'Honorable'. GTFOH. McCain's 'My friends' every time he spoke during the '08 debates was painful to watch. Adding insult to injury is when he TRIED to bill himself as a Conservative. The guy's a joke. -Independent who drinks no one's kool-aid.
Sadly, the Rangel's, Sharpton's, Holder's etc., don't cease their nonsense but double-down and are 'paid back' 3-fold with more sad sacks. Both they and their useful idiots spreading their counterproductive dogma for the supposed, 'Progressivism' agenda. The aforementioned 'reasoning' by the above grifters, when stripped to it's bare essence is solely due to melanin. 11 + years into the 21st Century.. how pathetic. What the hell is 'Progressive' or 'evolving' so to speak of this end game? i.e. None whatsoever. People's shortcomings is far too difficult to bare for some. Thus false claims of victimhood is more alluring with each passing generation. Empathy NOT hard work is a far more profitable and easier venture.
The realization I came to in my late 20's, I'm 36 now, is Illiberals/ Democrats DON'T or WILL NOT consider the endgame or 'success' of such gambits. We needn't look any further than the 'Progressive' bastion of the West & SouthWest USAto see the results of unchecked immigration. AZ, CA and NV rank 46th-48th nationally in regards to their national ranking via high school proficiency exams. CA used to be ranked in the low-mid 20's nationally in the late 80's-early 90's. Az and NV ~ the same as well. As of '07 CA's public education system is more than 50% Latino and more than 50% of CA's teenager's are Latino, respectfully. The correlation is obvious. And yet, Obama via illegal means is attempting to 'reward' these people? Idiots..
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The Immigration Ploy

Paul5702 Wrote: Jun 19, 2012 4:43 AM
Hey sport, Reagan as YOU KNOW did implement an amnesty program for a certain number of illegals in '86.. it was proven to be an unmitigated disaster. BTW, take a gander at the SW USA's public education system test scores through the decades.. you know to include the, '16 to age 30' illegals. AZ, CA and NV rank 46th-48th nationally. CA was in the low-mid 20's nationwide in the 1980's. Though since '07 Latino's have been the majority demographic for CA teens and public school attendees, respectively. If you don't think this ahem, 'Progressive/ Illiberal (progressive.. the present-day definition is thee oxymoron) practice has effected said area - I recommend you go and splurge for the lobotomy to make it official..
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